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Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator
@ddafoe I did not compare the M3 with the M1SE, but my dealer did and said that the latest version of M3 has a change to the main board that results in better sound over M1 (I think both flavors of M1); This assumes the fielded M1's have their ori... 
Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator
@yyzsantabarbara Not my experience but ymmv; Ethernet has consistently been the better choice. USB is a flawed interface for high end digital but we are stuck with it.  
Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator
Cheesebert they sure do. My former msb discrete had an Ethernet renderer. 
Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator
@thinman2  I have not heard the Denafrips but I have the latest Bricasti M3 with Ethernet bridge; I recently setup a Roon Rock on top 8th gen i7 NUC following Roon recommendations for every component; I love it. The Rock cost about 750 bucks all i... 
I can prove your room is bad
I agree that we are listening to our speakers and the response of the room in a locked relationship of excitation/response.In an attempt to help a null around 85 Hz I got a bunch of GIK 244 series bass traps. Qty 4 24" x 24" squares (2 of those wi... 
Pass labs x250.8 stereo amp in San Diego?
Excellent amplifier! Gets out of the way in the service of the music. Easy to get that emotional connection with Pass amps; built to a wonderful design spec, assembled by a consistent production team, and backed by one of the best companies in the... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Viber6 your comments are hilarious. Keep up the great commentary! Amazing what you can hear over YouTube; I’m impressed dude! 
A light-hearted essay on loving music vs the audiophilia obsession
@essrand thanks for sharing. I understand you, my audio-gear-addict brethren. The comment (analogy) about how discovering A’gon was spot on. It is like a superhighway of gear access one in which I have accelerated massive gear swapping binges many... 
Kimber Kable - Naked Cables
Uber expensive cables that if you sneeze on will likely be damaged; this stuff just gets better and better. The name, too. Lol 
Bricasti M3 In the house
Hi @pdreher I did try that (running direct) and it is excellent— very transparent and such but I prefer the body and tone better using my Luxman C900u; I might revisit this experiment a few more times with other XLR cables though; I have had exper... 
Bricasti M3 In the house
@teajay I sure am looking forward to that review!I love this DAC. I’m pretty sure it’s settled now, day 25 or so; During this time, I have continuously re-confirmed what I first heard on the early days; First impressions matter, and when we hear g... 
Bricasti M3 In the house
@radiohead99 the M3 volume control is analog. The manual says range is -90 to +6 dB so I’m thinking there is an active stage;256 dsd is 4x the normal 64DSD sample rate, correct? So the interface can easily handle the bitrate; 
What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?
I’ve got an Audience AU24SE USB cable that was excellent when I was using usb; I’ve moved to Ethernet and don’t need it; If interested PM me;Thanks 
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
In a word: No 
Do we ask too much of our audio systems?
@mapman and @oregonpapa you guys are spot on are as many comments here. I'd like to add, there have been many live shows where the actual sound was pretty crappy--I surely don't want my system to sound like that!Cheers all!