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Bel Canto Dac-1 v. any Wadia Dac Any one
The Perpetual P-1A/P-3A and power supply were more dynamic, and painted a blacker background than the Bel Canto (both using a Pioneer 525 as a transport) in my system. I could live with both easily, but I preferred the P-tech gear. Neither of them... 
Anyone try Acoustic Zen cables yet?
What did the silver give you that the copper didnt? 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
Never sounded cold and sterile to me and I have heard it in three different set-ups. You are right, it may be the rest of your equipment. BTW, it is not the same player as the resolution. 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
Ulf, I would like to pleasantly diagree with your findings. A well recorded (not all of them fit this criteria) 24/96 DAD if much better than your typical redbook CD. I came to the same conclusion as you with other 24/96 capable players, but with ... 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
Ulf, I too have the Model 9 Signature and I second your thoughts. Better than anything I have had before by a LARGE margin. As for the rest of my equipment, I am using the Presence Audio Deluxe line stage, EVo, and yes........gasp.........the Khor... 
Best ss Line Level Preamp under $10K ??
First Sound Paramount Preamp I have the deluxe, and if it can get any better than this only Emmanuel can do it. 
Any experiences with Shunyata Research?
Mike Can you please post your experience with them? Myself,and others, would enjoy reading your about your thoughts on these cables. 
Audio Harmony TWO Review
Bmj, When will your new reference quality pieces become available that are alluded to on your site? What improvements were made over the regular Harmony 2? 
Cheap Powercords...worth the effort???
Just recently tried the Analysis Plus Power Oval power cords at $260. Very big improvement over stock cords, and better than the Custom Power Cord Co Model 11, Sidewinder, and Synergistic Master Coupler in my system. 
Symposium Isolation Products
I only have experience with the svelte shelf and it stinks. Components vibrate more with the shelf in place! 
Hear ye! Thou who knowist thy speakers..
Try to listen to the Talon Audio Peregrines before you buy. There are 2 dealers in CA (but I dont know if they are close to you). They sell for $6000, but I am sure that you can work with a dealer on that issue. As to the why of things, they are s... 
DVD Player that sounds right
I agree w/ Delve Audio since I just purchased the Muse Model 9 Signature after a long and arduous audition process. In the past month I have listened to/watched the Proceed, CAL CL-2500DVD, Theta Carmen, Perpetaul Tech P-1A/P-3A + power supply (pi... 
Best DVD as transport
Muse Model 8, nothing compares IMHO 
Are Talon speakers really this great?
I second delve audio on that one. I have heard them on several occasions and they are absolutely the most stunning speakers I have ever heard. Stop asking what others think and just go give them a listen (not meant in a mean way). I would love to ... 
Mr Eber, thanks for your contribution to this post. Please keep sizing up speakers by their parts. That is your right. If I had done that I never would have heard the beauty of Quads, Spendors, the Walsh driver, or a number of other speakers that ...