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HELP Electrocompaniet stole Christmas
Ernie,Can we get an explanation about how you obtained the unit? Was it purchased from a European dealer, European customer, US dealer, or a US customer? Happy holidays. 
Anybody heard the VSA VR4 Gen III Special Edition?
I have heard it and I was mightily impressed. Probably VS's best speaker IMHO. By the way, I think it can compete with speakers at 2 and 3 times its price. 
Anyone own Innersound Speakers?
Anyone in NYC with these speakers? 
Coincident Total Victory owners
Unbelievable speakers...........certainly one of the best I have heard at any price. I would rather have these speakers than the big Kharma's, pipe's, and many other ultra expensive speakers. Couple that with the fact that you can drive them with ... 
Kharma CRM 3.2F
I couldnt find the controversial thread. Help please............. 
Anyone heard any new Von Schweikert speakers?
I heard the new VR-4 SE's last night and they may just be Albert's best speaker ever at any price! 
Terrible room. Contemplating headphones. Help
What about Sonex??? Not that expensive and kinda cool looking. 
Any stores/resellers to buy tubes in NYC????
Sorry, I meant replacement tubes. I had a similar experience at Living Stereo. Some guy there was pretty rude. 
Usher speaker's power handling
KP,I had a pair of 8871's that I was driving with a 600wpc solid state amp. I like to listen loud as often as I can, lol, and the speakers held up with aplomb. One of the finest speakers made IMHO. 
Ortho Spectrum Speaker Filters?
I have tried these on three separate speakers. In all cases, I like what they did to the music. From top to bottom, everything became more palpable/organic. I didnt note any drawbacks either. The difference they make isnt small. Anyone can hear it :) 
Guidance regarding 2 female Jazz legends please..
Thanks for all of the suggestions! 
Merlin Owners-- Best Sub to pair with the VSM-M's
Hifi1970, Bobby was supposed to come out with his sub for the past 3 years!!! Dont hold your breath. 
Any feedback on the NY Audio Show NYH?
Too lazy for a thorough rundown, but here goes. Rooms I liked:- Gamut/Pipedreams (better than the Tenor/Pipe room IMHO)- Rethm/EAR/Resolution Audio- Tact MH-1 speakers + Tact electronics (their reference speaker, the LS-1, which resembles the pipe... 
"Thumbs Up" to Kora Customer Service
I have dealt with both the US distributor, and JC Audio and their customer service is nothing short of exemplary (and I cant say that about many people in audio)! Great gear, great prices, and great support. What else can I say? 
Anyone heard the Art of Sound Subwoofers
I agree with Dm11. I heard the Tycus at Goldman Audio in CT. It is a beautiful looking sub, but most important, it took the Virgo 3's to another level! IMHO, all Virgo owners should consider a sub, especially the Tycus.