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Planned to upgrade to DeVore Gibbon X, but concerned about comment of base leanness
This is a very subjective Hobby, and we should all know this by now! As a former Professional Musician, in another life LOL!! And who has worked with some of music industry's Best, sound signature in this hobby can and is very personal, to the min... 
Wilson Benesch-Great or just Okay?
As one whom has been a professional musician back in the day, you do realize we all are not hearing the same thing at the same, it's all subjective and sometimes mental IMHO. It's mostly #1.Room Dimensions #2. Sources #3. Music Type (Genre).   
Bel Canto ACI600 vs Black EX Sepates
Hey 👋 y’all first things first; didn’t he put in his post right from the start!! Don’t mention no other Gear, What’s the Point? 😂 Besides you all know gear can be extremely controversial, Everyone knows that, Right? Always Listen first, if you’re ... 
Verity Audio Amadis Owners, Listener Impressions?
Question; Why do people comment or give an opinion  on Speakers they've never even listen to before? Can someone answer that Question Please!  
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
If you’re going to make that type of investment, you should go and listen to them by any means necessary, I’d travel to different states if I had to; IMHO.  
Review: Usher BE-10 Speaker
Hi, and this is IMHO; Reviews and Articles no matter how good it's written or expressed, what blows it on a maximin  scale for me is when the writer, or public opinion  begin to express where  the gear or anything for that matter, from who and wha... 
Got a BAT VK-225se ... Holy Moly!
If you get too obsessed with gear and sound you'll never be satisfied with anything no matter the cost! (Professional musician & Audiophile for over 45+ years).  
Rockna Wavelight thoughts?
Seriously y'all, you have not learned yet that in this hobby our subjective hearing is as different as the stars in the sky. The obsession about gear has gotten so great that you can no longer enjoy the Music. No matter the cost just like everythi... 
Soulution 511 vs. Luxman m900
Does anyone listen to music anymore, or is everyone obsessing over the gear? Just thought I’d ask.  
Anybody Listen Voxativ?
I've been a professional musician who has worked with some of the best in the business, both vocalist and instrumentalist alike. It didn't take all of that to do a live show, besides theirs no gear created by some of the best minds (engineers) tha... 
In what ways is Mark Levinson better than Krell?
Don't we realize that it also depends on the recording and the type of music one listens to that can have a great influence on ones opinion about the sound signature, on any given Day!  
Krell or Mark Levinson amp.?
Your opinions are Hilarious! Don't y'all realize that sound signature is absolutely subjective, every human most likely hears the same sound slightly different. The best sound musically is what sounds good to you, IMHO.  
Have opportunity to buy BHK 300's or Pass Labs 250.8 for my Thiel 3.7's- thoughts??
I've been a Professional musician most of my life and you must ask yourself, am I a music person, or a gear person? Every audiophile should know by now that sound signature is subjective and personal. The only true way to know what's best, is to k... 
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
I love the suggestion, "go wherever you have to go for an audition."  
Please help to chose Integrated amp Diablo 300 , darTZeel CTH-8550 Or ....
Hi, after 35 plus years enjoying this hobby with passion I guess I can consider myself one of those audiophiles. What I’ve learned there’s two types, one who’s all about the Gear, other who’s all about the reproduction of Music, me being the latte...