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What do/did you do for a living?
65 retired sales - sold IT consulting for many names most would recognize. Happy to be retired. System is about 10k - all tubes - Covid has given me a good excuse to be in my ManCave and listen to all my LP's.  I have a new amp on order - should b... 
Record Cleaning Machines
I have a Cleanervinyl US RCM. cleans up to 12 records at a time. Manual, but it works. Some of my used records need multiple cleanings. Still working on a process to clean them, but 15 minutes in the RCM + manual clean with Disc Doctor fluid (3 ti... 
Affordable US Made Tube Pre/Power or Integrated Options
+1 on Decware - made in USA - amps, preamp and integrated - all tubes, all pt to pt wiring internally  
Suggestions on Integrated Amp./Seperates to Run my Klipschorns
+1 on the Decware. I have the SE84UFO, 2w/ch. Fabulous sound. And great service. And made in USA....  
The very best sound: Direct to Disc
I have several of the Sheffield Labs - love them - Lincoln and Amanda on Hollywood Town with The Rose - love her version of it and did not know she wrote that; a Mozart violin concerto; Dave Grusin mentioned by others; Marni Nixon - she had an inc... 
WAF --
LOL. Very funny. Thanks. I've been married 38 years and have a man-cave in the new downsized house. Works for both of us. She watches TV in peace and quiet upstairs and I blast whatever I want downstairs. And no, she has no idea what stuff is and ... 
What do you think causes the crackle and clicks we hear?
dirt. I have found DCC, Analogue Productions, Umbrella D2D and Sheffield Lab D2D pressings are VERY quiet. ANY record I purchase - new or used - gets cleaned in my CleanerVinyl RCM. Some of them multiple times.  
Bare cartridge design, Sumiko Blackbird Low Output
I have  HO BB. No issues with it. No static. Just as with any other cart, you need to be VEWY VEWY careful mounting it. I have only had 4 or 5 TT's with 6 or 7 cartridges, so am not an expert by any means.I have it on a VPI Prime with VPI arm. And... 
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
reading - mostly non-fictionskiing - even in NC lolridinghikingphotography - lots of photographers here - interestingwalking my crazy 3 year old labhelping my wife when she is trying yet another wild recipe that turns out greatgoing to live music/... 
Pure Class A SS vs Tube Amp
check out - all tube gear, made in IL - excellent amps. I have their entry-level amp paired with a 99db 8" open baffle. Have not heard it with your Klipsch, but the owner, Steve Deckert, can probably help you. He is very open, honest a... 
@zkidd - Great post. Thank you. what have you found to be the best new production tubes? I agree on your comments on the small signal tubes. I have been fooling around with 12AX7's in the V1 in my phono preamp and my fav so far is the RCA Command ... 
New tube preamp
I would also add Decware to your list. All tube design, pt to pt wiring. I own their amps, but not their preamp.  
Affordable cables
Blue Jeans Cable out of Seattle. Nice. Inexpensive 
Banana Plugs too narrow
any chance you can change out the connector for locking banana plugs? 
American Made Speaker Cables Bulk
Belden makes speaker cable here in USA. Also Blue Jeans Cable - but they would be a competitor to you I would think.