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Cartridge upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster
Wooten, I was using a XLO phono cable. With that, the best loading I found was at 81 ohms. Then I changed to a Purist Audio Venustas. I could immediately hear that the loading was different. With that cable, I found that 100ohms was best. As the A... 
Cartridge upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster
Wooten, I have the Airy-3 and a Pass Ono which is very similar to your Xono. I think you will find that the loading will sound best between 80-136 Ohms depending on the phono cable you are using. If you test the varying settings, and find your bes... 
Phono Cable Suggestions?
How would a Venustas - Purist Audio Cable compare with those suggested?Would it be considered neutral, or does it flavor the signal?Darrell 
Ever demag a cart this way?
JCarr, So the Test Sweep on the Hi-Fi News record, will deguass the cartridge like the Cardas Sweep does? The Hi-Fi News records also has the "torture" track. Would that help as well?Darrell 
Ever demag a cart this way?
Will and Test Record sweep that goes from 20-20,000hz deguass the cartridge (i.e Hi-Fi News Sweep), or does Cardas do something unique? 
Steam Cleaning - RCM or not?
Vanmeter, It sounds like you can get by without the RCM. I personally like the convenience of using the RCM while steaming, but if you don't mind holding the record while you steam, I see no problem with not using the RCM. I had a microfiber cloth... 
what is the best sounding turntable for 3k used?
Where would folks rank the Sota Star? I see used ones for $1850, which still leaves money for a decent arm and cartridge.I own the Star and like the sound, but I can't compare it to other tables because of differing rooms, and auxiliary equipment.... 
Worth having my SOTA Sapphire refurbished?
Rebbi, Did you get your table back? If so, what do you think?Darrell 
Great sounding new vinyl
Making money disappear isn't magic. The @ssholes in Washington and NY are doing that at an alarming rate, and I would call it criminal, not magic.But anyway, there are some test pressing of the new 45rpm FBR out in circulation, so it is possible t... 
2008 RMAF – – – all things analog.
10-02-08: AlbertporterI'll be walking around with a big camera, covering as much as possible.I'm looking forward to all the rooms, I make it a point to have a good time at RMAF and I'm never disappointed. Love seeing the people, even when a room c... 
Phono Preamp Suggestions?
John, Thanks for the suggestions. You mentioned you ran the 9000 at 38 ohms loading. Can I ask what loading you used with the 90X?Darrell 
Phono Preamp Suggestions?
The Allnic sounds great by your description, but I am not able to find much info on it via the web, and I don't have a way to demo it.I could buy one used, then try to sell it if I don't like it, but since it isn't a mainstream piece, it makes me ... 
Phono Preamp Suggestions?
While I have been mulling over the preamp and phono preamp options, a friend let me try his Pass Ono phono preamp. It was very detailed without coming off as dry or analytical. The soundstage was wide, and the instruments were well defined. It was... 
Phono Preamp Suggestions?
Genesis, I see someone from Canada has one for sale here, and they also upgraded from the 1200 to the 1500. this wouldn't be you would it?Darrell 
Phono Preamp Suggestions?
Thanks all for the comments so far. You've given me a lot to think about.A friend may be upgrading from his Pass Ono soon. How would this compare to the other phono preamps mentioned here?Darrell