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Help me buy a Garrard
You should go for the EMT 950 over the Garrard! But if you have your heart set on the 301 get a plinth to accommodate at least one 12" arm if not two? You're right about mods, they'll alter the sound quality which is very balanced and along with s... 
What can I improve in my audio system for better s
"I believe I am missing those emotions that we get from live performance."Trcns, to be frank you couldn't be any further from your goal with this system. Speakers aren't your problem it's your electronics. They were designed for sound effects not ... 
How does a step up transormer affect sound-
Transformers affect sound quality, even the very expensive ones, best to avoid them if you can! david 
Help with room and equipment placement please
Shouldn't be a problem if you set up your speakers correctly. Take a look at my 2nd system, large horns is a small space. My listening position is just under 6' from the speakers and room has worse proportions than yours.david 
Why are there no botique car audio recievers?
It exists and you can still buy them on eBay and othe similar sites. Slightly older ones pre all the Star Wars designs and lights sound much better. david 
Should I finish my basement
Leave it as it is, set up your system and spend the money on proper sound treatment as needed.david 
How can I drive a very large passive subwoofer?
You need an active external crossover between your preamp and your sub amp. There are 3 sets of outputs on your preamp use the 2nd L & R output to feed the crossover.david 
My audio rack is bright, will sand fill help?
Henry, what happened to your lab table?david 
Garrard 301 restoration
Icorem, while I don't have any direct experience with Dobbins or Harban both companies seem to offer quality products. I used Garrards for years, my preference is for a heavy base and an unmolested table. Part of the beauty of Garrards is their ba... 
Audio Technica ART9 cartridge
I'm a fan of AT cartridges beautifully balanced and musical, not familiar with the Delos. 
Audio Technica ART9 cartridge
If you like your AT33 there's not much to think about, you'll love it. Its more balanced and has higher resolution than the AT33 but still keeps all the musical qualities that AT cartridges are known for. 
Stereo Times Review of the Apogee Acoustics Diva
Good to know others can still enjoy them. One of my all time favorites and longest running speakers. With the right electronics it put many other big names to shame. 
bi amping with 4 monoblocks ?
You don't need an active xover the speakers have bi amping provision. Connect the pre outputs directly to your amps, remove the jumpers from the back of the speakers and connect each set of binding posts to an amp. 
Pipedream Crossover
You can contact Scaena, it's what pipedream evolved into. 
AN-J or AN-E with Meishu
I don't get email updated either, good luck Fred!