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Hooking up MARANTZ MODEL 15 without a PREAMP?
Does the Bluesound have a variable output RCA's? Does the Bluenote have a volume control? It needs both for it to work. Do not hook it up if it doesn't.  
Turntable Isolation Journey
Well, here is an idea ... 😉 Long Arm    
Any Thoughts?
Cleaning audio components with 90% isopropyl alcohol
A couple minutes, it evaporates fast.   
Experience with Acrolink 7n-pc4030 leggenda
"I am asking potential users of this cable for their experiences with it." - I am curious as how "potential users of this cable" would have any experiences with the cable??  😀  
California Audio Labs Icon Mk2 upgrade
It is my understanding that it was available both ways. Below is a link with more info. Approved Audio Service      
Help! Is my new McIntosh MA12000 broken?
No, it should not make a loud humming noise. Contact your dealer and have them take care of the problem for you.  
Interesting Power Cable Experience
"If you’re interested enough, put the other cable back on to make sure." - Have done that many times. Been into high-end audio for 40 years and have listened to scores of cables of all makes, shapes & sizes. I know what to listen for, the res... 
Interesting Power Cable Experience
Why yes you did. Your thread, also includes sarcastic remarks from a couple of posters that have also graced my thread with their conjecture, based on opinion and not actual experimentation with cords. Same old, same old tired rhetoric. All that h... 
Interesting Power Cable Experience
Yep, pointing to your "facts" in an attempt to debunk others that have actually done the experiment. That's going to be a tough one here, good luck.  
Interesting Power Cable Experience
Hey 1971ho, I noticed you have yet to start a discussion, only responding mostly sarcastically to others’ posts. How about you start your own thread "all in fun" you know. It should be a hoot, don’t you think?  
Interesting Power Cable Experience
"Fairy dust" - One of your better posts, keeping the word count down, thanks.  
Interesting Power Cable Experience
Yea, that makes sense for an amp Jerry, but the power cord change was for the cd player. The vintage Marantz 1060 integrated has a captive power cord.  
Help me upgrade my beginner system!
Read the Stereophile reviews on the Peachtree and the Goldear speakers. I would look into a new integrated amp & DAC, assuming you can't use the Peachtree DAC only with an outboard integrated amp.  
Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!
Check it out Kenjit