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cheapest speaker made in the last 10 year that can beat any speaker made before 1970?
Speakers don't get tenure ... 😉  
Episode Speaker Replacement Grills
Yea, like someone is going to click on that link, evaporate now.  
Both preamp and power amp have volume controls. Preferred method to control volume levels?
The designer and builder of the Whammerdyne line is a friend of mine and I forwarded your question to him. See his answer below: - Always run the volume control full open on the Whamm amp and use the volume on the pre-amp as the master volume con... 
Need help sourcing tubes - Mullard M8080's
Seller on eBay from the UK has them.      
Will there be a dramatic difference?
Yes & no or no & yes but definitely not no & no or yes & yes.  
Front L/R matching Advice
Does a bot know they are a bot?  
Focal 1028BE - protecting speakers for a move
Since you are only going a few miles, I would rent a bunch of blankets from Uhaul. Put a couple on the floor or bed of the truck and lay the speakers, front facing up with a blanket in the gap between the 2 speakers. Surround the pair with more bl... 
Spam email for T + A HiFi
T+A are excellent components and not well known in the USA. I have a pair of T+A Criterion T100 speakers and they are great. Excellent build quality, good looking and sound excellent. You would not be wasting your time by checking them out, howeve... 
6DJ8 vs. 6922?
My favorite is the Valvo CCa and second is Amperex PQ 6922 used in my Pathos Classic MKIII.  
sansui fr 3060 or toshiba sr 80
Sell both and buy one you want more.  
Stupid Question Alert!!!
Does that include contributing to a post that is almost 6 years old? Just asking ...  
45 Singles You Just Had to Buy
Never bought a 45 RPM.  
Any Thoughts?
Now OP, take everyone's answers and create a story using only those words. Extra credit for creativity, we grade on a curve.  
Cary SLI-80HS Integrated
Yes, those are caps. Unplug the amp, remove the tubes, turn the amp over or on it’s side and remove the base plate (several screws). There should be 3 or 4 screws with washers & nuts on each cap mount, one might have come loose or is missing. ... 
Hooking up MARANTZ MODEL 15 without a PREAMP?
"There are NO  INPUTS on the MARANTZ " - Yes there are on the back top, 2 RCA input jacks. DO NOT hook it up if the Bluenote has no volume control you will get full volume to your speakers and blow them.