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Lumin U2 mini device not powering on
The fuse is behind the small black door above the power cord input.  
Is XM5's noise canceling really that bad?
Instead of the XM5, you need to strap an X-15 to your head and yell drop!  
ak is down?
ak is down?
It's back up now.  
Google ads are rampant on the site
Windows 10 & 11. Just Google it.  
Google ads are rampant on the site
Never see any ads as I use Ghostery ad blocker.  
low frequencies
That is a good size room and it looks like you have them on the short wall so placement looks good. How far is the listening position from the imaginary plane between to 2 speakers? I know this might sound silly, but double check to make sure both... 
low frequencies
Try putting the speakers about 3 feet from the back wall and about 8 feet apart with the listening position about 8 feet from the center of the 2 speakers. What size is the room?  
Audio Pro Addon C3 Bluetooth Speaker?
No, nobody does ...  
Long XLR recommendations
The DH Labs BL-1 is a silver coated copper cable highly recommended as is Erik's suggestion too if you want all silver.  
Herbies tube damper tightness
Just open them up a bit to make them wider.   
Need help sourcing tubes - Mullard M8080's
TubeDepot is out of stock of the Mullard M8080.  
Focal 1028BE - protecting speakers for a move
Just make sure the speakers won't have a chance to bounce around using the mattress.  
Are There Any Stereo Bluetooth Speakers?
The above is a bot post.  
Starter setup
Not today or tomorrow.