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New favorite VINYL Album?
Kind of a gothic/folk record from the Current 93 school. Really sad but stunningly beautiful and the sound is killer. 
Stand out phono stages
I'm extremely happy with mine. I had Joe Fratus do the updates last year and that made it a little more transparent which works well with my system. 
Arm Suggestions For Lyra Helikon
I just bought an SME 309 for under $1k, which is more in keeping with my budget. Can't wait to try it out. I've read many people liking this combo. I had a IV on another table and loved it a year ago but couldn't stretch right now... 
The best acoustic guitar recordings??
Awesome sounding solo guitar lp. 
Revamp Garrard 301, keep Oracle V or move along?
Well I have the ESLs and an Art Audio Vinyl One phono stage and I'm using a LP12 which I just dropped a Roksan Nima on and it's awesome... so I'd suggest to you an LP12 with and a Naim Aro arm (the Nima is a low cost knock off of the Aro,) they ar... 
Solid State Amps for Quad ESL 57?
My LP12 was outta wack. I had an overhaul and setup done and now things have gone back to the way they were. Thanks to everyone for all the info. I'm going to try out a Bedini and maybe the Red Wine Audio amps for fun! 
Solid State Amps for Quad ESL 57?
It does sound like maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. Maybe it's a front end issue. I have heard the JC1's sound great with Quads but they are out of my price range unfortunately....Thanks! 
How many use Vintage Hi-Fi systems?
I use vintage speakers (Quad ESLs) and an early LP12 which is kinda vintage, right? Everything else is modern. 
Looking for the king of mini monitors under $1500
I think the most versatile monitor I've ever heard is the Revel M20 (not the new M22.) Plays all kinds of music well. Folk singers in the room with accurate timbre, to rappers with pounding base.... 
Linn Sondek LP-12 happy/un-happy owners
Count me as very happy. I have a old LP12/Ittok, upgraded over a valhalla with an Origin Live DC motor. For fun, compared it head to head with Lyra Argo on VPI scout and scout master. LP12 just sounded better. It was undeniable. Everyone in attend... 
Jazz Piano?
A great one to buy is "This One's for Blanton" by Duke Ellington and Ray Brown. Very accessible. 
upgrading Rogue 88 vs monoblocks
I was told (by someone at Rogue) that the magnuming of the 88 is the least valuable of the magnums. Plus the extra power has to help. My 88 definately pooped out when really pushed. 
Recommended female vocalists?
Beth Orton - Central Reservation 
I am nuts to use these speakers?
All you have to do is go to the dealer from whom you bought your other equipment and borrow a pair of high quality speakers and just listen. I went through the same thing, and until I brought something home, I thought my speakers were just fine. T... 
Rega Mira/Brio ?
Just bought a new Mira and you should too....