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Cat JL2 with blown board. Advice needed
wanted to update this. Upgraded to a JL-2 signature. Buying tubes all the time will suck but the amp is just too good to let go. 
Esoteric K03
I've had a K-03 for about 6 weeks. I use it mostly for USB and SACD and I am still in awe of how good it is. I didn't really see the complaint from TAS on regular CD's but to be honest I am 60% usb/25% SACD/15% redbook. Again, it's an amazing unit... 
Sooloos + Modwright Transporter Functional Mashup
The iPeng iPad app is exceptional. Search on iPeng for iPad or iPeng HD. Don't settle for running the iPhone app on your iPad. There is an iPad specific version and he did a great job with it. 
Cat JL2 with blown board. Advice needed
Thanks for the response to everyone. Ken, yes you and I did talk. The damage was to an entire board which fried so it was beyond a simple resistor swap.I have one stereo system which is connected to my TV. I'm struggling with fixing my JL2 and kee... 
What is a Digital to Analogue Converter
Tom, I was looking at a MAP-1 as the center piece of a home theater system.I have a satellite box that has 5.1 capability but only via toslink and coax. There is no 6 channel analog out so I would be forced to use the satellite in 2 channel mode w... 
What is a Digital to Analogue Converter
How would you connect a satellite receiver which only has multi-channel outs via toslink or coax to a MAP-1?A UPD-1 solves the problem for DVD and multi channel SACD but McCormack has no answer for 5.1 from satellite, not to mention xbox, computer...