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The best speaker you ever heard?
Excellent post AtmaSphere!! 
How loud is loud?
Lol! I do see a reason for the ganging up.Here is a link from Wiki,"The distance of the measuring microphone from a sound source is often omitted when SPL measurements are quoted, making the data usele... 
Is it possible to have Good Imaging close to wall
Quite a stimulating discussion.Back to the recommendation: 8 is made to be placed against the wall. (don't know if these are available)I had looked at these res... 
Reviews of $10k plus ics, speaker wires, and pcs
The top 1%I know this thread has moved on, and this might not be the best timing. But knowledge is golden.So the top 1%, is not what one thinks it is:1. A family enters the top 1% or so today with somewhere around $300k to $400k in pre-tax annual ... 
any experience with Polymer Audio Research speaker
I heard the prototype speakers a couple of years ago. They are top performers if it means anything to you? NeutralThe rather small midrange driver does have plenty of oomph! 
Amp ventilation question
Nah, that means nothing ...I dont want to get off track. But this is an irreponsible comment.Doses are giving by body weight/BMI, which would be higher than other countries in the US. Just looking at data means nothing ... sorry, a lot of other va... 
Amp ventilation question
Czarivey,Are you an anesthesiologist? Are you even connected to the medical profession?Anesthesia is a dangerous drug. FYI Doubling the dose can kill someone. Regards, VJ 
D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?
Humm.....How about SPEC corp RSA-F3EX from Japan?Seems like an interesting product? 
New lease on life for a pair of Ohm F's
One more,Dale HarderHHR exotic speakers 
Current amp vs Voltage amp
It's good to get the manufacturers talking like Ralph, it's like gold, to get into their design perspective and ideology. I believe we do not have such similar opportunities in any other commodities. 
Current amp vs Voltage amp
Charles1dad,I infer you have directed your post to me? Either ways I'm just curious about the alternatives, since this has been a one way argument "for" the power paradigm. I would have loved to see some valid discussion from the other side.ITs no... 
Current amp vs Voltage amp
Ralph does have some very valid points. For example it is believed that language evolved from "bird sounds" if that makes sense(prehistoric dialect)? Children are more sensitive to higher frequencies and sounds than adults, you can claim a part of... 
Current amp vs Voltage amp
Al thanks or the informative postsLoudspeaker's interface likewise: variabilities- 
Meyer Sound
Depending on room and budget, on the top of the pyramid is theX10 
Tannoy Westminister VS dc10 Instrument Grande V
I would add JBL Everests and Cessaro (not sure if its in your budget) to your list.