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Guitar preamp and power amp same power conditioner
I'm not sure this is the info you are looking for, but I keep my Fender amp and various foot pedals in the same room as my audio setup, but on a completely separate circuit from the audio equipment. You're idea of the direct line is a good one. I ... 
What is your favorite ''slow dance'' song of all time?
Two that do the trick:Can I have this Dance - Anne MurrayColor my World - Chicago 
Iso-Puck Question
I understand the fear of pogo sticking, I would be more afraid that the mini's are overloaded or close it it and you get no benefit. twoleftears makes a good point on using three rather then four. Do report back, it'll be useful for others as to w... 
Iso-Puck Question
I use iso-mini's under my turntable (Rega P6) and they are very small. Now that I have seen and used them, I would not put 5 under my speakers which also weight around 30 pounds like yours. I would go to the bigger Iso-Pucks, despite the added cos... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Listening to Mary Lou Lord. I had never heard her before yesterday. I don’t know how I missed her for all these years. She is great. Blows away all these famous female pop stars by a mile. Why didn’t any of you guys and dolls tell me about her! Damn. 
What to do with a collection of sealed audiophile vinyl? MFSL Telarc Sheffield Nautilus
You kind of answered your own question, it's a hodge podge of material - very good material, but I doubt you would find one person that would be willing to or need to buy all of them as a collection. For instance I have four of them already, so I ... 
Qobuz charges
I had the same problem, you can sign up but you can never leave. Qobuz reps in their emails were rude and unhelpful. Luckily I was able to get Visa to cancel it, finally.   
Class A Amp owners, Whats your power bill?
My class A keeps my music room nice and toasty, so for me I get a two for one, great sound and warm toes.  
LS50 and Classical
If you don’t have room for a sub, I’d suggest Harbeth p3ers or try the Totem bookshelves. There are so many good bookshelves now a days, you’ll get a lot of advice. Those are two brands I have owned and loved, although they sound nothing alike, I ... 
Substantial Upgrade
Enjoy! Happy for you and the wife! Stay safe and warm.  
Substantial Upgrade
Enjoy! Happy for you and the wife! Stay safe and warm.  
Julien Baker - Vocal-centered Music.
I put on some of her music using my Grados, the low end SR80 and then my 1000, I enjoyed her in both. I also have Audeze cans which to me made her sound a little dark. However, if you check around many people dislike Grados, so try them or get a r... 
New Gear
I can only tell you my experience with HT. When I went to HT, I got rid of some very nice 2 channel equipment. Although the HT was high-end (McIntosh) and sounded great in 5.1, I never thought it sounded good in 2 channel. I do not think it was du... 
Denon Flat sounding & Lifeless compared to Yamaha
Yes, I had a Denon for years, it had very positive reviews and was highly recommended, but always sounded “lifeless”, thin is a good word for it. Went through three different speakers in that time also and it made no difference. Switched to a Luxm... 
What kind of listening chair
Millercarbon is spot on. And it fits well with his philosophy that “everything matters”. In this case, comfort.