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Cat Scratch Fever?
dletch2....Money, and position often convinces people that they are smarter than they really are..... Ha! I thought you were talking about MC there for a second. Getting my second shot Thursday and I'm a happy and proud American. Usually. 
My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong
I've had many Class D amps over the years, Hafler, NAD, Mcintosh, B&K. They all sounded good. I actually miss the B&K. I also had some Pioneer, Marantz, Denon and Sony amps/receivers which all sounded horrible. I even had a Hitachi Class G... 
Important additions
+1 MCYoung added to CSN. I know, Young wasn't exactly unknown, but best I could come up with. I can also add a worse, Bob Dylan with the Dead. Godawful.   
2 channel setup - Should I add a center channel or $1500 subwoofer?
As said above, the center channel is mainly for voice, so if you can hear dialogue clearly already, then as most others say, get the Sub(s). Also, the center channel will in my opinion make 2 channel music sound worse. I spent plenty of time and m... 
Luxman LX-380 for LS3/5a's? Alternative?
I own a 590AX II with Harbeth 30.2's, so in theory a speaker much like the LS3/5. As for my amp and speaker match-up, I love the sound, clear, crisp but not sharp, so perhaps some would say on the warmer side. I can listen all day to it. I would s... 
Quality of construction on some speakers- namely Harbeth
I have owned the Harbeth 30.2 for less then a year, but they they are solidly built. Are they built like tanks like Wilson's? No. However, I damaged my right ear drum and it's very sensitive to high or sharp-pitched sounds/speakers. I did not enjo... 
Is this an right time to buy hifi?
MC and the rest - one day you'll be right:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_eventsBut not today it seems.  
Are there any speakers for nearfield listening that sound GREAT at low volumes?
I owned Totem Rainmakers, and like the Sky's, and their model ones, they do need a bit of volume to open up. But sound great when they do. I agree with Audiodweb, an integrated with a loudness would probably be best. I say that because I now own H... 
Do you have a "Music" Friend?
@edcyn Acoustic Jerry is even better then electric. Have you heard the Pizza tapes? Me, I’m still working on Ripple! Good for you.  
Music Servers, Do They Matter?
Tomstruck - the A10 with a nice DAC is my end goal! 
Music Servers, Do They Matter?
I went from a laptop to a Bluesound Vault and clearly heard the difference. Plan to go up to up to an Aurrender. The sever absolutely makes a difference. Although DAC differences are easier to hear by far. I would not compare a server it to a cart... 
Jazz listening: Is it about the music? Or is it about the sound?
I posted a few months ago that many of my old rock albums sounded pretty poor on my new system - now some I only listen too on an old system I have in my workshop in the garage. I have not heard a really unlistenable Jazz album yet. In fact all Th... 
How loud are you typically listening?
Around 75-80, but most music I have found does sound better at 90-95. Sadly I can’t handle loud for longer then a couple of songs, too many blasting concerts in my younger days and just normal aging. 
My dog gets to enjoy my system mor than i do
Thank you MC for the link -  Jorma, Jorma, something....I laughed out loud. One of my favorite guitarists. 
Luxman tonality
@Luxmancl38Totally agree on the AVR. I had some nice two channel stuff for many years, but switched to an AVR like many people did and I brought a top of the line, highly rated Denon AVR that I never thought sounded good. I changed to McIntosh A...