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Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
@tsushima1 $30,000 speaker cables. Just f'ing wow. I can't even imagine the system these are connected to. I feel like my 14g Monster Cable is junk now.  
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
Why does this video not have any 'Dislikes'? I would think with the number of negative reviews of his views, it would have more than 'zero'. Things that make you go, hmmm.  
Remote Volume Control for a Sub Woofer
This may qualify as one of those questions I end up feeling stupid asking but, if it is close by, can you adjust the Bass or use the Tone Defeat with the Remote it came with?  
Auto-Tune, Snake Oil, Fuses, Cables, Room Correction, Best DAC, Measurements & Tekton
👍 🔼 @carlsbad  (agree & upvote) Ctrl + Scroll = 🔍👀    
System Set-Up Suggestions?
Thanx @gbryant for your feedback on the x-over settings. I have been playing with them lately. I don't want them to sound too 'tinny' or light, if you know what I mean, without much oomph to support the movie audio. I also have to move the sub to ... 
System Set-Up Suggestions?
Thanx for the pointers @elliottbnewcombjr. I did download a dB meter on my Android and got very similar readings and just by listening to them, I can tell each tweeter and mid is working. I checked out the attached link below and the guy who rebui... 
DCM Time Windows - What Next?
I need to purchase a new receiver/amp but I need one capable of 4K. I have a pair of Time Windows that I purchased new in 1979 and still love them. The WPC on the receivers I see are around 150 wpc, which is considerable more than the 40 wpc on my...