Responses from dayglow

Best rock song of all times
Won't Get Fooled Again- The Who 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Ryan Acoustics- Thought they would be the next Vandersteen. 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
Pop/Rock- Billy Sheehan is technically the best. In a group John Entwistle was the best. He was a great antithesis for Keith Moon's erratic brilliance. Acoustic/Jazz- Scott Lafaro and Eddie Gomez, maybe it's my bias to the Bill Evans Trio. 
Vintage Amps - Pleasantly surprised
Maybe not vintage to some but the Yamaha MX-1 gets my vote. Produced between 1992-97 it retailed for $1200 put out a conservative rating of 200w/ch/8ohms and is a true dual mono amp. NOTE that the power cord is captive, I would get that updated an... 
What time do you wear?
Best quartz watch is a Movado Elliptica round chronograph. Best automatic is a Baume & Mercier Hampton City with steel bracelet. 
Your feelings on vintage audio.
The build quality was better on lower-mid priced gear then today. A Luxman Receiver, Sansui intergrated, Aiwa tape deck, JVC turntable or a JBL monitor would be considered hi-end today regarding build quality. 
Real Stinkers
One Step Closer- The Doobie Brothers 
the guess who vs the rock and roll hall of fame
With Deep Purple-The Moody Blues-Humble Pie-Uriah Heep and Rush not inducted guess what? No sugar tonight!!! 
Song covers that are better than the originals
"You Keep Me Hanging On"- Vanilla Fudge 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Soundlab A3 powered with Jeff Rowland model 7's 
Your First Concert was.....
Judas Priest/Great White Joe Louis Arena June-13-1984. The mighty Priest had an off night, Great White was the better band. 
Best surprisingly good value component
JVC QL-Y5F with a Grado Signature 8. It outperformed a Linn Axis-Rega P3 or both Revox tables in the mid-late 1980's. $200 will get you a solid turntable even by today's standards. 
Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs
The Trooper- Iron Maiden 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
Steve Miller Band- 1970'sLoverboy- 1980'sLimp Bizkit- 1990'sKid Rock- 2000's 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
1-Santana- Fox Theater Aug 1990. Carlos was in Lotus form.2-The Who- Silverdome Aug 1989. The last great Who tour?3-AC/DC- Palace July 1991. What a guilty pleasure.4-Boston- DTE July 2004. Walk On was(is) a work of art.5-Judas Priest- Joe Louis Ju...