Responses from dayglow

Female Jazz person/new releases...
Roberta Gambarini-Of the many singers mentioned only Eva Cassidy is her equal, but I consider Eva a pop(not pure jazz)singer. 
What song/composition sounds like another artist?
Cinderella-Shake Me-AC/DC 
Song covers that are better than the originals
"Can't Find My Way Home" - House of Lords 
Underrated jazz greats
Cedar Walton 
Speaker help - short list needed
Vienna Acoustics-Mozart 
Great films where music is a central theme.
Lady Sings The Blues-Diana Ross 
Great films where music is a central theme.
Mike's Murder-Joe Jackson/John Barry 
What is your favorite 1 hit wonder from the 70's?
"Funky Nassau" by The Begining of the End has not been mentioned. Peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 July 1971. 
A "Unique" Voice...
Valerie Joyce!!! 
McIntosh MA6300
The Mac 6300 is a solid(warm/relaxed) amp but it does not want to be pushed. Had a hard time driving a pair of ATC-SCM 11's to a satisfactory level. IMO the AVI Lab Series(S21) is the best value(non-tube)intergrated on the used market. It may be d... 
What is your favorite 1 hit wonder from the 70's?
The Knack are not a 1 hit wonder. Good Girls Don't hit #11 and Baby Talks Dirty was a top 40 hit. In 1991 Rocket O' Love was a minor hit with some radio play. BTW it's a great song with a killer(woman)video. Starbuck-Moonlight Feels Right has not ... 
In the under $2500 category, diminishing returns?
Since your budget is $2500 a Bada Purer 3.3se has plenty of power and current for the MMG. I know it's a BAT 300k clone but it sells for around $1200(new)at Pacific Valve. This gives you $1300 for a turntable-cartridge and phono-pre. Consider a ne... 
Ten audiophile commandments
Thou shall not consider hip-hop/techno admissible forms of music. 
Worst record ever?
Will avoid American Idol performers, bubble gum acts, actors and athletes. Of highly skilled musicians Van Halen 3 has to rank as one of the worst efforts. 
5 legendary speakers?
Vandersteen 2CDahlquist DQ-10JBL L-110Spendor SP-1Magnepan SMG/MMG