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Paul Simon: So Beautiful or So What
The new album is available on vinyl. I've got it, but my turntable is still a week or so away from arrival. But I also have the CD and like a number of the songs on it, so am looking forward to hearing them on vinyl.Happy listening! 
best sounding integrated for under 2500.00
Two integrateds that I'm surprised to see haven't been mentioned and that you might consider would be the Ayre, which can generally be had for less than $2k used, and the Naim NAIT 5i. Both make music.Happy listening. 
Vandersteen 5As...first impressions
After having my 5A's for about nine months, they still bring a smile to my face -- they continue to surprise me with all the things they do well!Happy listening! 
Worst record ever?
I once (and only once) heard an FM radio station play a novelty cut that was the tune from Stairway to Heaven and the words from the Gilligan's Island theme song. I seem to remember reading that the station received bomb threats... 
Sophomore Slump? The best 2nd albums of all time
Santana, "Abraxas"The Doors, "Strange Days"Allman Brothers, "Idlewild South"Paul Simon, "There Goes Rhymin' Simon" 
Vienna Acoustics sounded terrible at Magnolia
I seem to remember reading that Vienna would no longer be offered through Magnolia. Perhaps it was frustration with the way their products were being presented. 
Perfect Debute Albums
How about George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass?" Epic and, in at least my opinion, superior to the debut offerings of both of his more revered bandmates Lennon and McCartney. 
Perfect Debute Albums
I agree with some of the responses above. The Doors was the first one that came to mind. How 'bout Santana? 
HELP Rega P-7; VPI Classic 2; Scout 2 or ?
In re: Goatwuss' post, it's worth noting that the Classic II has the JMW 10.5" arm, not the 9" one. For that matter, it also includes the ability to do on-the-fly adjustments of VTA. May or may not change anyone's opinion of the relative merits of... 
Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs
Too much time on my hands -- so many great ones spring to mind, including some that have already been mentioned:"Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin"Statesboro Blues" by Allman Bros. Band (or Taj Mahal)"Paperback Writer" by The Beatles"Start Me Up" or "Brown... 
Best live album you've ever heard?
I agree with many of the above suggestions, but didn't see Keith Jarrett's "The Koln Concert" or Neil Young's "Live At Massey Hall." I could have missed them somewhere along the line, but they are worthy of mention.Happy Listening! 
need advice for budget preamp for Rega p3-24...
Couple more worth auditioning: Grado PH-1 and Musical Surroundings Phonomena, both within your budget used.Happy listening! 
Any tube rec's on Vandersteen 5's
I also have Vandy 5A's and they sing with the Ayre SS amp I use. But that's neither here nor there, given that your question is about tube amplification.Within your budget, there is currently a pair of VTL MB125s on the 'Gon. I've heard other VTL ... 
Need help with Jazz
The "usual suspects" among female vocalists include great names like Eva Cassidy (Live at Blues Alley), Ella Fitzgerald (love her duets with Louis Armstrong), Cassandra Wilson, Sara K, etc. Some lesser known by amazing voices with good recordings ... 
JVC XRCDs -- your experience?
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. And, Milpai, thanks for the explanation -- I knew I was getting sloppy in my terminology by referring to XRCD as a different format.