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Duelund Hook Up Wire
Your crossovers are a work of art. I am sure their sonic qualities match their visual beauty.David Pritchard 
Iso Clean Fuses
In my amp, an Art Audio Px-25 the improvement was immediate and obvious. Without going into audio babble-it just sounded better. David Pritchard 
The little guys?
I have MAC Palladium interconnects on my SET-horn system. Sold here on the AudiogoN auction site for $159.00 A nice detailed balanced sound. Another good choice would be Grover's cables. He has a good return policy. I think the best approach is to... 
Copper Sleeve over IEC
I have looked at the forum site where this tweak was first reported. I was interested in the idea of outlet cover material improving the sound. From what I read, brass outlet covers did not make a difference, but carbon fiber added to a plastic co... 
Copper Sleeve over IEC
Remember when trying the copper too much can be a bad thing. It improved my Marantz SA-11S1 using copper at both ends. For my Art Audio Px-25 amp, copper helped at the IEC end but additional copper at the male end collapsed the sound stage. Both c... 
Copper Sleeve over IEC
I have placed the copper union piece at the MarantzSA-11S1 cd player, at the Art Audio Px-25, and at the IEC connection of my PS Audio Premier Power Regenerator. I noticed good results. There is a on going good discussion at the Tweek forum of Aud... 
Retractable room treatment
I have treated my listening room using GIK products and they have made a major improvement in my listening pleasure. Give Frank a call. He will take his time to give you good advice and explain the various approaches. AS a bonus their prices are n...