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Recommend upgrade for NAD C541
Hi!A friend of mine bought the NAD C541i receantly and it really sounds damn good, especially regarding the price. He has compared NAD and ROTEL amps side by side and the ROTEL clearly has Won the "Contest" (are also a bit pricier). So it may be a... 
Green-'ening' CD's
Hi Mprime!I use it on my CD's (and it must not be exclusively green, black works also) with positive results.As far as i know it has to do with absorbing unwanted light reflections of the laser beam. Less (of these unwanted) light reflections thro... 
Do Transports Matter???
Hi,Tok20000 i freely admit that i found many similar or even same viewpoints reading your posts. It amazes me over and over again that people refuse to believe their senses only because there is no "scientiffic" explanation for it. I don't even fe... 
The truth about interconnects - can you handle it?
Hi!Sonic genius i share your point of view completely. That's the only important aspect to me, either it (cables or other components) works for me (in my system) or not. Regards. 
Silver DIY Interconnects
Hi!Great "Job" done, Sean! Thanks for mucho info and a oportunity for us to learn.Keep it coming...Greetings,David. 
Great Rock & Roll speakers?
Hi!You might get a chance to hear Triangle loudspeakers. They match pretty good the criteria you mentioned.Some of they floorstanders are suitable to close wall siting and really can Boogie. The fun factor is realy enormous (if the connected elect... 
Silver DIY Interconnects
Hi Wdi!Interesting! I'll keep that recipee in mind so i can compare with other "constructions".Cheers! 
Silver DIY Interconnects
Hello!Sorry for the delay. The wire is "pure" silver with no "jacket" on it(got it from a Jewelery store). John gave the clarification (thanks)what gauge 0.6mm is. What about the insulation, what materials to use (i won't use teflon as the insulat... 
What ICs to connect pre to power amp?
May i sugest buying Kimber 4TC or 8TC (of the required length)and make your self some interconnects.You can make them as the PBJ with 3 wires or with only 2 wires (as i am currently using between my preamp/amp combo). I like the 2 wire (unshielded... 
Exact Audio Copy program and Windows XP Home?
I use it on Win XP Pro (File format FAT32) without any problems. The best i know of. 
The truth about interconnects - can you handle it?
After so many things sayed what to say more? I subscribe to the "wild bunch" that CAN hear differences between cables(and other stuff too). Can you handle it? 
Newbie needs cabling HELP.
Monster M 1.2 or M 1.4(for bi-wiring) cables are warm sounding and very compatible too.Van den Hul cables also tend to the warm side but they are silver plated and a bit more system dependent.Just my five cents...Cheers! 
Request Speaker Cable Recommendations
Hi!Maybe Kimber 4TC (double runs) would do the trick for you. They tend to sound to the brighter side of neutral, more forward and detailed. But I wouldn't descibe them as particularly "full" sounding. On that price point they might suit your syst... 
best way to rip cd files onto computer?
Hi!I am too using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) as the best (sound quality wise) way, known to me, to rip Audio CD's to WAV (or to MP3) files. 
Best Sounding 2 Channel Sound Card
Hi!If you are looking for the Quality stuff look in the Pro "corner". Proffessional (for use in Recording Studio's)sound cards are far superior in sound quality to the computer game sound cards. Terratec is one name that produces real quality (24/...