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Opinions on Graaf Amps
Well, many good things already said. Graaf OTL amps are excellent even the GM 20, built to very high standards (Ferrari black and/or red paint, no ordinary tube sockets to mention just some). The only "drawback" if any, is if you have speakers of ... 
Am I the only one who thinks B&W is mid-fi?
Enjoy the music andHappy listening to all!!! 
Copland CDA822 VS Arcam CD33
You could/should try some Audiomeca CD Players! I suspect it might be a rather exellent addition to your great system.Cheers! 
Do you really need ultra expensive cables?
Pbb said it all...And i'll repeat it: NO. 
rega planet 2000 creek 4330 triangle titus 202
In some systems i've seen the Rega 2K with various (more expensive) Triangle speakers so that is propably a very good starting point. On the Creek i cannot comment. But a little hint: Triangle speakers LOVE tubes! You could try a Jolida (or some o... 
Am I the only one who thinks B&W is mid-fi?
Uh...sorry!What i meant is an honest person. Honest enough to say that it's not satisfied with it's component/s. Many people can't or will not admit that they aren't happy with some gear/system - it's always: what i got is best.Please take no offe... 
Am I the only one who thinks B&W is mid-fi?
Nice to hear an honest owner of B&W speakers. Good luck and happy listening with your new speakers.Cheers! 
Recommend upgrade for NAD C541
Yeah Lennychen,deffinitely try what james_harrington2 suggested before you throw in bigger money!Cheers! 
Money no object,,,,which speakers would you own???
Looks: Triangle MagellanAppeal: Triangle MagellanIf only i could... 
optical or coaxial audio cable?
For sure, the Coax connection is prefferable when sound quality is what matters. 
OTL amplifiers
Hi!The Zero Autoformers have another great advantage: they won't alow that amps blow out your speakers. I believe that was one of the idea's when constructing the Zero's.I agree that results with them vary, but do try them... I'd rather invest in ... 
Kimber cable owners Is my cable 8TC or 4TC ??
8TC has a total of 16 wires (8 black and 8 blue) and 4TC has a total of 8 wires (4 black and 4 blue). Rockvirgo is right, (by your description) you have the 8TC. 
OTL amplifiers
Hi!(Some)OTL amps are amongh the best sounding amps on the planet. They mostly are very expensive but their performance justifies the investment. As Wellfed pointed ZERO Autoformers are the solution (except for the heat dissipance). And not only f... 
Musical Fidelity A3 or Pass Labs Aleph 30
Hi Garydelros!You might wanna try some tube amps with the Triangle's (Jolida have some very "nice price" ones). You can get good results with ss amps (especially with Pass Aleph series), but Triangle's love tube amps...and when you hear such a com... 
Impressions on Audiomeca Digital Gear
Hi!I am a big FAN of Audiomeca gear. I have a Creatura CD player and have listened to (my Friend's) Obsession I and II, also to Mephisto transport with Enkianthus D/A Converter.Audiomeca Digital gear is really something special in the Digital Worl...