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I'm using the groove tube mullard reissues too. They vary in sound from one tube to the next. Some sound unbelievable, others can be thin sounding or fuzzy sounding. I went through five tubes to find three to get the sound I wanted. I tried out RC... 
e.a.r. 834p tube rolling
I put the tube closest to the front of the unit. I'm buying two more for the other two spots. I'm curious if anyone else has tried these tubes and what their impressions are. 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Stacked Original Advents. Had 1st set for 31 yrs. Added second set later on. First set is placed upside down on first set and they are wired in series for 16 ohms. Right now I upgrading my system. I won't know if there are any better speakers toda... 
Stereophile Article - Holt telling it like it is.
Holt's comment about missing midrange is right. After 17 yrs I had to replace an amplifier and what I discovered was bizarre. Interconnects filtering out overtones and increasing pitches. Amplifiers filtering out sound trying to sound more musical...