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Recommend a recording that shows of soundstage
Lyrita recordings are some of my favorites for depth and dimensionality. Try Boult's Bax, Holst, and Moeran discs.http://www.lyrita.co.uk/index.php?id=catalogueMany Lyrita recordings were made by Ken Wilkinson. Many of the recordings he made in Ki... 
Apartment Drama
Does your complex have rules about noise? Usually there are rules limiting noise to certain hours. You should be within your rights to play music at moderate volume at 3pm. It's up to you. Does the neighbor own guns? 
Where is All the DSD?
Pentatone just started offering DSD ISO downloads. 
Upgrade from Cambridge Audio 840C to lessen glare?
I would keep the 840C as a transport and add a DAC that gives you several filters that can be applied for harsh sounding CDs. 
My Rogue 99 preamp is haunted?
P-R-E-A-M-P-SI challenge! 
Looking to add warmth
Agree with the others that the direct DAC->Amp connection is probably the problem. Try to audition some tube pre-amps. 
Audio Technica AT33EV different versions? On RP6?
There's also an OC9/III. It has a higher compliance than either the AT33PTG/II or the OC9/II (18 vs. 10). 
Rogue Owners Unite
@Findog,The hum increasing with pre-amp volume would seem to indicate that the problem is not the amp. It could be a ground loop. 
Rogue Owners Unite
@findog, sounds like badly shielded interconnects. 
Pledge Multi Surface Clearer
I've used it to remove fingerprints from the acrylic platter of my Gyro. Works great. 
Best beer
I stick to Stone's regular IPA (by the case from Costco.). Arrogant Bastard is too spicy for me. 
Aerial 7T/6 vs Vandersteen Quatro/Treo/2Ce Sig II
@Jafant, so what's better at the same price points? I assume we're talking about their 5 series.I might try a Rogue Cronus Magnum with KT-120 power tubes together with some 3A sigs. With the KT-120s, the Cronus can put out about 100W. That's sort ... 
Audio Technica AT33EV different versions? On RP6?
I love my AT33PTG. If the PTGII maintains the sound and build quality -- and the specs read like a great improvement -- then it's an incredible bargain at these prices. 
Aerial 7T/6 vs Vandersteen Quatro/Treo/2Ce Sig II
Given your total budget, I think the 3a sigs are an excellent choice, though the Treos will have a higher WAF. 
Vandersteen 5A
@JudyazbluesWhy post things like this that aren't even the slightest bit true? A look in the Systems section will find many 5A setups with high end electronics.