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Musical Concepts amplifier modifications upgrades
I have an Adcom GFP 565 that was modded by MC - elite mod and a Hafler XL 280 with PA7 Elite mods including TP 202 and 220M. The sound is fantastic. Worth every penny. 
External DAC connection for Bluesound Node 2i (after "Another streaming newbie" thread)
Nak PA 5MMKII Bellles 150A HR Rotel RB 1070? Which one
Probably a little late to the discussion but the 1070 and 1080 may not be on the same level as a Pass Labs but "no ball" is NOT a problem either suffer from.  Cables make a big difference with these amps.  That sterile and clinical sound I've read... 
Never-ending Speaker Journey ($1,000 budget)
Martin Logan might be a good option. 
Need help deciding; Rotel RB-1070, Anthem pva-2 NA
I know I'm a little late to the discussion but have to chime in as I own both a RB 1070 and Parasound 2125.  They are not even close.  The Rotel is highly detailed with a great soundstage. The 2125 doesn't sound bad but head to head there is no co... 
External DAC connection for Bluesound Node 2i (after "Another streaming newbie" thread)
Using a Dac Magic 100 via coax.  A lot more open and better soundstage than the bluesound node 2i alone.  The node 2i on its own might sound good if you are listening to some wireless speakers but in a halfway decent system it leaves something to ... 
Jaw Dropping Improvement?
Using the Bluesound Node 2i with native DAC - not great.  Added Cambridge Audio DAC Magic - much better soundstage and like the overall presentation better.  Had been using a CCA and DAC and honestly am not seeing a whole world of improvement with... 
Digital Front end for Dummies
Tried BS Node 2i standalone to preamp.  Sounded good but not great.  Ran coax to Dac magic.  Much better sound.  Wasn't bad on it's own but definitely much better with a Dac. 
Dahlquist speaker models, question/experience and today
The magic lived on.  I still have a pair of DQ 20s which have better drivers than the 10 and are still magical.  Regnar provides rebuilds for the woofers and midrange and last I checked scanspeak still has the tweeters in production 30 plus years ...