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Tired of SS amp.
In my experience a tube front end (pre-amp) with ss back end (amp) is a wonderful combination. My only experience has been with CJ, I currently have a premiere 17 and am totally satisfied. I replaced a ss pre-amp with the CJ tubed pre-amp while ma... 
Old Philips CD as transport or new playe
I am in the same boat. I have phillips cd-80 about 10 years old and am considering upgrading to a tubed unit either a CJ or sonic frontiers unit any suggestions? Thanks 
CD Player Woes
I have a Phillips CD-80 that is about 11 years old. No problems whatsoever in all that time. Anybody have any experience with Conrad Johnson Digital products? 
Leave Tubes In Standby Mode or Not?
I have CJ equipment and they recommend turning it off. However, my premiere 17's tubes do not glow when in stand-by mode. 
SS vs Tube: What do you hear?
I am using a cj premiere 17 preamp (tube) with mf2500 amp (ss). I traded my premier 11a amp (tube) for the mf2500 (ss) for convienence. Sorry I did, even though the mf2500 has more base I lost detail in the mids and highs. I want my tubes back!!!!... 
Please help a new tube user!
I would retube the unit. Try thetubestore.com fast friendly quick service large selection lots of tube info. I am also new to tubes and use cj equipment. I have had a couple of defective tubes; one burned out and the other was very noisey. So when... 
C J 11a VS 12s does the 12s sound better
I had an 11a replaced it with an mf2500. Significantly more bass response especially noticeable during Tachovsky's 1812 overture with the digital cannons. However, I feel I lost some detail in the mid and high end, again noticeable during "Vivaldi... 
Thanks for advice on smooth amp!
You will get more improvement for your dollar by upgrading your pre-amp. With your budget constraints I would purchase a conrad johnson PV-10 pre-amp (tube). You can find them used on audiogon and e-bay for around $600. Tube front end and solid st...