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Interconnects for Tube amps
Hello all, thanks for the input.If the silver cables all sound like the chinese/russian tubes, I will try the homegrowns.I realized what everyone was saying about the lesser tubes when I tried my Mullards the first time, no comparison.Thanks again... 
Diy amp-pre-amp, from "scrach"?
I decided to do a Dynaco ST-70,as it was my first,got the chassis and transformers on ebay,downloaded the construction manual and schematics, then surfed the web for all of the upgrades.It would have cost over $700 to buy an older stock unit and r... 
Tube Amp Kits does anyone still offer.
Thanks Albert.I'll check it out! 
Entry Level Tube Amp CD Player Direct.
Why tubes ??? I can honestly say that I have never heard a valve or tube amp. I have been out of the hi-fi game for some time. When I was last into this 79-80, Yamaha SS seperates with a Nakamichi tape deck a DBX-3BX and an ADC equalizer with a se...