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Krell FPB 600 or 400cx?
i owed Krell FPB600 for 7years, not a single problem, enjoyed very much drive PSB Platinum T8, you could felt 20Hz, fast and very musical, i am hoping to get a mono block 600 or 650.and upgrade to wilson Maxx2. anyone have this combo Krell and Max... 
i Have owed Krell FPB600 for about 7 years est.
thanks everyoneBest RegardsChris 
Very best 5 ch amp to feed a complete PSB system
Buy Krell FPB amps, i have FPB600 drive PSB T8,you will never regrets, 
Aesthetix Rhea Signature and IO MK2
thanks very much Albert. best regardsChris 
Aesthetix Rhea Signature and IO MK2
thanks Mr. Alberti might stretch further to get IO signature will it be a big different against IO MK2. Now my pre is Calypso with NOS tele and amprex. this i will up grade to Callisto much later.or should i stay with IO mk2 and put the saving tow... 
VPI Classic Cartridge Help
is there anymore upgrade to improve? 
VPI Classic Cartridge Help
St11 14the outer ring help to flatten the LP just like the clamp, it make the music sound more weight and don't really have words for it, i took the advise from someone that said even if you decide to sell in 2 to 3 year time, most likely your dep... 
VPI Classic Cartridge Help
i have VPI classic/dyna17D3/Vpi Hr-x clamp/vpi outer ring and they sound great, i felt clamp and outer ring is a must, it put so much weight in the music. about close to 100hrs playing, sounding better and better, i waiting for the VTF ring so i c... 
PSB Platinum or Synchrony one ?
i own PSB T8 for 2 years now, i begin to like it, i own PSB Goldi for over 10 years, decided to move to T8 at that price is incredible value, compare to Goldi , T8 better in very way, especially on the bass and treble , bass is very tight,not like... 
Dynavector 17D3 hitting clamp on VPI Scout
Hi Madcity i have the same problem as you, so instead of changing or up grade to a Furutech Monza which is 3" dia vwhich work fine vs new dyna xx2,i think your choice is much better. i have tested the Furutech monza very little improvement i have ... 
Change from PSB Stratus Gold i
PSB T8 i have it for 2 years, very big improvement over Goldi, sold my Goldi after owed for 12 years.i drove this with Krell FPB600, with VPI Classic TT/dyna 17D3 and PS audio pre. Harmonic magic link 2 ICvery happy with it, 
VPI Classic upgrade what any had the SDS, it is a
Opus - is the incoming voltage drop, sometime i read 110 volts and 116 volts etc. so having SDS will maintenance constant speed regardless of incoming voltage. My dyna 17D3 at the end track will hit the VPI clamp and bounce right back, anyone have... 
VPI Classic upgrade what any had the SDS, it is a
i am so sorry for my poor english, i did not understand my post too.i do enjoyed very much my VPI Classic with Dyna 17D3, have it for 1 week now, have not listen to CD, Black oak, i like the new look vs the 45deg. edge of the first version, the on...