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What is the best amplifier for Tannoy Kensington ?
How is Apollo compare to krell FPb600?I am interested to buy Apollo, but don't have a chance to audition.Still will keep my krell for HT.Chris 
Hansen Prince: Dartzeel, Soulution or Boulder
HififreakkHave you consider Aesthetix Callisto sgn/ eclipse pre they are very good,I owned the Callisto sgn and Io sgn, with Emperor.Using krell fpb600.Yes, the piano is a pleasure to listen they are real especially on low key.I am hoping to upgra... 
Krell FPB 600 or 400cx?
Hi RobHow is your new krell 750 mono?How much did you paid?Right now I have my Aesthetix Callisto sgn, and io with krell 600It sounded very good, if anyone have krell amps should try with tube pre,I am hoping to upgrade to mono block 600mcx or hig... 
Aesthetix Io strange behaviour
i think is good to send to local unless they replaced same parts,My IO is still on repair almost a month now.:( 
PSB Stratus Gold upgrade to PSB Synchrony One
I have owned GoldI for over 12 years and Platinum T8 for 4years, both are very well build, Goldi is sweeter more involving i think because it have been broken but for movie T8 is better because of 3 8" woofer, it voice is clearer on T8 but not as ... 
Aesthetix Io sgn. not working, please help
Hi Thanks Dopogei tested my Cart is good with another phono pre. thanks Godi thought i blown that coil.Chris 
Aesthetix Callisto sgn. Volume soft
Hi everyone, thanks for everything,I have found the problem was v1 right and left channel , problem was faulty nos amperes , now everything sounded good and volume is at 1 o,clock pass that is loud. Said 1 o,clock plus 3 click.Chris 
NAT Se2Se amps
Hi ChuckieCan i ask how do you like your NAT se2se, thanksChris 
Aesthetix Callisto sgn. Volume soft
Hi AlbertYes the fuse actually blown, today listen almost 4hrs and i am very happy now, the location of fuse is so hard to get out, the fuse broke while i try clamping out and have to vacuum the glass out, i am very familiar with electrical work a... 
Aesthetix Callisto sgn. Volume soft
Hi Albert How are you? Both input cd and phono same soft volume.I found out today , out put to amps on xlr on one set having problem of distortion, when I changed to the other output no more distortion but still have to turn to 3 o,clock plus 3 to... 
Direct repacement of KT88 for KT120 on Ayon
Hi 10HtHow do you like them, i am thinking of buying orthos iito power my hansen Emperor, is this amp never run out of power?chris 
Best Preamp for Ayon Orthos II monoblocks?
Hi DougCan you describe how your purchase of Ayon Orthos ii, i am thinking of getting one pair to power my Hansen Emperor.What is your pro and con.thanksChris 
i am looking to replace my Krell with tube amps,
Thanks for all your feedback,Do any one have Ayon Orthos ii? Is much cheaper than Tenor for a demo set. Ayon Orthos ii is 250watts price about $18000 vs Tenor 175s probably around $33,000 demo. i am leaning towards Ayon. Will try one in Seattle st... 
i am looking to replace my Krell with tube amps,
thanks everyone for the input, it sound good Krell with tube pre and photo, it is that i have krell for over 10 years and thought is time to have a change.i am waiting for my Aesthetix Callisto sgn. to arrive.Thinking of powerful Tenor 175S, they ... 
Best integrated Amp for Hansen Prince V2
what about ayon pure class A