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Simple guitar songs for beginning musician
Gillian Welch - tab for most of the songs off of her "Revival" album can be found via a Google search. These are really cool songs that use common chords (you will need a capo)and simple structure. BTW, her sideman, David Rawlings, is a great guit... 
The worlds ultimate toy
I believe I read somewere that Paul Allen is also an audiophile of sorts and owns Red Rose stuff. 
Looking for an acoustic guitar recording..
Tony Rice - "Unit of Measure"Doc Watson & David Grisman - "Doc & Dawg"Bryan Sutton - "Ready to Go"David Grier - "Lone Soldier"I'll put these four guitarists up against anybody.Enjoy! 
Jolida Mod vs VTL ST-85
Zenguy, I'm in the same boat, as I have also been thinking about modding my 302b. However, my goals are more in terms of improving the bass performance and overall dynamic range - which are generally touted as the benefits of modding this amp. I h... 
Speaker Cable to pair with Soliloquy 5.3's
I use Acoustic Zen Satori (with Satoir Jumpers) on my Soliloquy 5.0's and have been very pleased. Very smooth, natural sounding cables to my ears. 
best rock voices
I third Paul Rodgers. Also, Ronnie Van Zant had a great Rock voice. 
VA Haydn or Solilouy 5.0??
I have the 5.0's on the dedicated Soliloquy stands. I am using them with the Joldida 302b tube integrated (Acoustic Zen cabling) and am thrilled with the sound. My room is comparable to yours, i.e. 11 x 20 x 8. Speakers are placed on the short wal... 
Shelby Lynne
Weird - I was listening to Shelby Lynne's latest ("Identity Crisis") when I came across this thread. Shelby's sister - Allison Moorer - is great too! 
Your favorite recent discovery
Allison Moorer. "The Duel" (most recent) and "Miss Fortune" are both great. 
Recommendation for a cd player-tricky question
A Jolida JD100 fits the bill. Its 12" deep, silver, tubed output, $760 new. Do a search and you'll find only accolades for this player. See my "system" for a picture. 
Jolida JD302B - Speaker Choice
I have the 302b and the jd100 cd player. I use the Soliloquy 5.0 with the dedicated stands and am very happy with the sound. Contact Underwood HiFi - Walter offers some great deals on the Soliloquy speakers - as well as the Jolida products for tha...