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Masimo Acquires Sound United - Are Denon, Classe, Polk, B&W, Marantz, going to fade away??
The only one I could see going away out of the bunch is Classe. Too much of a niche product with no low-end offerings. The rest all offer entry level gear as well as some higher-end stuff.  
Maggie 1.7i's lack detail. Ideas?
@snapsc , that's some pretty good advice right there. Agree 100%   That should be enough juice to drive them, because that's the first thing I thought of that might be wrong. I had a pair of Maggies that I really wanted to like, and they just d... 
Just updated my virtual system
Looking good. Probably sounding pretty good, too. ;)  
is the 1990s "WIDE MODE" setting the 'soundstage' of today, and a gimmick?
I had an EQ that had an "Expander" button, or some such thing on it. Sounded awful then, and I'm sure it still sounds awful. :)    
Those who seek to deny access to information
I tell you what would be huge on here, and that's an "Ignore" button.     
Those who seek to deny access to information
What’s wrong with lamp cord? Is this a joke? I think some of us are just on completely different playing fields.  
To Buy or to DIY, here is my question
Depends on your DIY skills, how much time you have, what you want the end product to look like, and whether or not the difference in price is worth it. BTW, A quick Google search shows me that a pair of those used should be nowhere near $8K. I’v... 
Those who seek to deny access to information
@tommylion I think the underlying problem is that some people on here are passionate audiophiles. Some are not. Some people on here are very knowledgeable, some are not. Some people on here are probably quite well-off financially, some are not. ... 
Audio nonsense
Everything I have ever tried has made a difference of some sort. Whether or not I cared for the difference is a different story. I recently pulled a Furutech NCF Clear Line conditioner out of my main system. They have a good reputation (as a br... 
Decisive moments your your audio journey
I recently purchased my first pair of open baffle speakers (Emerald Physics Carbon 2.8’s)...For me they are game changers.      
Buying refurbished gear....
I've used Accessories4less.com and have purchased a refurbed AV Denon receiver. It was cheap and if memory serves, it was packaged in a plain brown box (vs the original manufacturer's packaging). Other than that, it was like 50% off of "new" prici... 
Your single most significant purchase mistake?
Biggest Regret Purchase: Magnepan MGIII speakers.            
About users with hidden agendas
 Some people make this place truly unenjoyable for everyone else. Congratulations, mission accomplished. You hosed another thread and turned it into a complete $hit-show.  
Great results with NPS 1260?!
@winoguy17 , It is "juice/slime" that comes in a small bottle that you put on your electrical, interconnect cable and speaker connection points that increase conductivity and allows for better sound quality. :)     
Why People Like Tekton
I own a pair of Tektons. Enzo XL's What they're good at, well, they do well...... I would say their sound is anything but analytical.  That being said, this whole $3K vs $30k "giant killer" thing is straight up bullshit. Mine are loud, forward...