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shiit Freya+ muffles the base? Recommendation for preamp please
I'm not a huge fan of Schiit's stuff. I think you pretty much have a complete mismatch going there...      
Tweaks, money pit or real value?
Some tweaks work better than others in my system. If it doesn't work for me, I return it for a refund or sell it off.    
Records, CDs, Streaming
95% CD/SACD, 0% vinyl, 5% streaming. I'm just a digital guy I guess..... CD/SACD sounds better than streaming to me. I have no intererst in vinyl.  
Power Cables on Subwoofers do Matter
Ain't no thing.    
Power Cables on Subwoofers do Matter
Alternating current (AC) is an electric current which periodically reverses direction and changes its magnitude continuously with time in contrast to direct current (DC) which flows only in one direction.   Try a new power cord, or don’t.....the... 
Power Cables on Subwoofers do Matter
The current is sourced from a transformer placed somewhere far away outside the building. Then it passes several long cables to the building main panel where is distributed through other cables to each apartment or whatever place. Then it goes in... 
PS Audio PowerPlant 12 Review (AC Regenerator)
Man, this whole thing reads like lawsuit material...... Doesn't sway my thinking one way or the other.....other than I'm thinking I should run a website where people sit around and listen and compare stuff......see if it sounds better in a partic... 
Looking for “just good enuf” for garage man cave
I dunno. I think "man-cave in the garage" and I’m thinking an old Yamaha amplifier and some Cerwin Vegas or some Kabuki speakers you can stack some beers on. And a fridge. And some vintage Led Zeppelin fuzzy posters or something. And a black-ligh... 
Damping Factor
It's kind of like a wet.....well, you ,know. Someday you'll understand.   
Percentage of cable cost
I don't think 20% of the MSRP of the piece of equipment is unreasonable to spend on cabling.        
They are small button-sized transducers that you strategically stick to your listening room walls, etc... They help absorb unwanted resonances and reflections. They’re not cheap, but a lot more practical in some instances than other available aco... 
Anyone have experience with Willsenton tube amps or specifically the R800i (92lbs)?
I had a Chinese tube amp for awhile. I imagine they're all probably made in the same manufacturing facility, or at least with mostly all the same parts, so I will answer your questions as best I can.   Are they reliable? Fairly. Service is going... 
Masimo Acquires Sound United - Are Denon, Classe, Polk, B&W, Marantz, going to fade away??
The only one I could see going away out of the bunch is Classe. Too much of a niche product with no low-end offerings. The rest all offer entry level gear as well as some higher-end stuff.  
Maggie 1.7i's lack detail. Ideas?
@snapsc , that's some pretty good advice right there. Agree 100%   That should be enough juice to drive them, because that's the first thing I thought of that might be wrong. I had a pair of Maggies that I really wanted to like, and they just d... 
Just updated my virtual system
Looking good. Probably sounding pretty good, too. ;)