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subwoofer crossover- lowest is best almost always?
Nah, you just didn’t place the speaker/sub correctly. It’s very hard to do. On some odd rooms it can be  impossible. Also, make sure you have bass management, and AVR or processor is really what you need, something like Dirac. 
Can the KEF LS50 rock?
KEF LS50 is overrated and overpriced. The implementation distorts the sound quite a bit when compared to accurate speakers. Go with the ELAC floorstanders instead. (Another option is the JBL LSR305/8 + 310s sub in a 2.1 setup, that's what I have n... 
best bookshelf speakers for < $2000?
Actually the JBL LSR310S subwoofer works very well with music. The biggest problem with subs is room integration, but it can work. 
best bookshelf speakers for < $2000?
With bookshelves you only got 2 choices. 8 inch woofer (eg: LSR308) or add a sub.Even the $100 Pioneer FS52 floorstanders will be more enjoyable for music than most "high end" small bookshelves due to the superb execution top to bottom frequencies... 
Elac Uni-Fi UB5
Andrew Jones is a genius. I setup a budget system with a pair of Pioneer SP-FS52, I was very impressed at how all music sounded super awesome on it... It was more enjoyable than quite a few multi thousand dollar setups. 
Another "Which DAC?" thread.
Look at TEAC offerings too. And don’t dismiss av receivers with auto calibration, Onkyo sounds fantastic. 
Can SMPS based preamps/amps sound organic ?
Of course. SMPS actually has a lot of advantage, SMPS is basically a power regenerator. Go listen to the JBL LSR305/8, it’s an all digital design. SMPS, class D, digital crossover, DSP. It’s the greatest bargain in audio right now. The 3 series 5x... 
Onkyo got a new pre pro coming out in july. 
What's going on with the audio market?
The audiophile market is dead.BTW, you can get great great great sound with ($500) av receiver and cheap ($100-200) speakers. The trick is use mogami speaker cable.I had a $10k+ audiophile system. I sold it at quite a big loss. My current system c... 
Music Lovers Speaker vs. Audiophile Speaker
I found at an considerable expense after buying/selling 20k+ of audiophile equipments, that there are two main types of speakers. Accurate speakers/active monitors. Especially the 2-way horn/woofer designs. You can hear the difference between mp3 ... 
Great bookshelf or small towers suggestions
Why are so many companies like harbeth making old speakers designs and charging thousends?
Because people buy them. 
Elac Uni-Fi UB5
Nah, they just need to hire people who can speak Chinese to communicate with the factories in China. 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
The speaker inside the PC case. 
Downsizing Setup Looking for Small 2 Way speakers. Selling my Perfect Storm Vapor Audio.
Look into the JBL 3 or 7 series.