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Next jump in performance
Better room. 
First "audiophile" system, now what? Suggestions for best "bang for the buck" upgrade?
Mogami cables. 
Which dac ?
A friend told me JBL DD67000 is actually very bad speaker, is it true?
JBL’s newest designs are the best value in audio right now, nothing comes even close. 
KEF LS50 - new model?
The KEF LS50 is not that great. A/B it with the JBL LSR305/8 and you'll see. 
Elac B5 and B6??? Just another flash in the pan speaker?? or worth it
Andrew Jones is the real deal. The Pioneer cheapies alone are a miracle, not the most accurate, but they make everything sound so damn good. They are warm speakers, not much highs frequencies to them. So depends on your taste. They are imo the mos... 
newbie DAC question
Nope, get AV receiver instead. Integrated is going to sound better unless you go pro audio stack. 
Rhythmic L12 vs. SVS SB-1000
Get ported sub, they sound more natural. 
Is Louder always Better?
What you need is a loudness curve. 
Will an Isolation Transformer Help My Digital?
A balanced transformer like the ones from Equitech can help. An isolation transformer is unlikely to help but you can try. 
Why do you give bad advice?
You get what you paid for. 
Bookshelf speakers on a budget
Basically, if you want things to sound damn good, go ELAC, if you want accurate reproduction, go JBL. 
Bookshelf speakers on a budget
Easy, LSR308 
Can the KEF LS50 rock?
The Pioneer FS52 floorstanders, also designed by Andrew Jones and was on sale for like $75 each. They sound so damn good, definitely more enjoyable for music than the LS50. The ELAC is Andrew Jones’s latest creation at twice the price point using ... 
I used to think passive preamps were superior to active preamps given right the setup, but
I had a DAC with passive volume control, then a DAC with active volume control. The latter one sounded better.Nowadays I don't care about the buzzwords the product is advertised with, I go for bang for the buck and my ears.