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[Just for fun] Favorite Thread Derailleurs
Great thread. The best I've seen here for a long time.WRT derailleurs, I'm a analog guy and highly recommend never using a derailleur. Get a "fixie" much cleaner and efficient although the top end might suffer a bit unless you're in really good sh... 
What is wrong with audiophiles?
Troll warning:Question: When do you know you've become an audiophile?Answer: When you no longer listen to music you like, rather music that sounds the best on your system.  
Honest opinions on my two picks of loudspeakers
Many people contributed to the creation of the Wall of Sound. Rick Turner, Ron Wickersham, John Curl and of course Bear. He had the original concept of putting the PA behind the band. BTW the hight of the bass speaker stacks was the same as the wa... 
Audiophile Receptacle question
OK, I know this question is completely off the wall. I'm also building a dedicated room and don't have to worry about building codes where I live. Once you have determined the location of the equipment, from a technical/auditory stand point, is th... 
So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?
Uberwaltz, You might have a look at this article.http://www.edsstuff.org/dd_museum.pdfIn particular the section on plinths.I have owned a DP-1000 since the 80s and am still happy with it. 
How many of you believe in MQA?
Thanks Brian for a very informative post.Amazon's announcement may very well be the death knell for MQA, not to mention Tidal and QoBuz. Especially if Spotify ups their game.MQA might be the modern version of the Loundness setting. 
What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
 I'm on the same page as Geoffkait regarding Fairy Dust. That's the thing that really makes the difference, especially with cables. 
Why all or most audiophiles are men?
Women have their priorities straight. 
Well maybe it IS my hearing
I find it a bit ironic that the people who can most afford super tweeters are probably the ones who cannot hear them. 
Power - where to start? Mains, chords, conditioner, filter?
Of course I’d run the power amps via an inverter. 
Power - where to start? Mains, chords, conditioner, filter?
davidwillett & inna,Yes a battery topic would be good. I've been considering a Yeti but why not use direct DC for the front end. I realize batteries have some noise issues as well, but Clearaudio and Sutherland have made it work. Doesn't seem ... 
Reel to reel
Orpheus10, I have to disagree with your statement about tape hiss. Dolby and DBX made a fortune selling noise reduction products. I worked in professional recording studios in the 80s & 90s. When patching in and out the noise reduction, the ta... 
Entry level turntable for my son
You might want to check out Fluance. Very reasonable prices.https://www.fluance.com/turntables 
Anticables and the Jumper Effect: Or how I learnedto stop worrying and love my system!
dave_bJust a bit off topic, but is Dr. Strangelove your favorite movie? 
Sell your $$$ cables and conditioners... affordable LITHIUM is here!
This might be a good alternative for a move to the country I'm making. In fact for the near term, solar panels will be my power source. The DC to AC inverter in the Yeti must be pretty good. I've read the ones generally sold with solar systems are...