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Speaker Suggestion for teenage pre-stereophile
I agree with chris, those paradigm floorstanders are about the best bang for the buck ive ever heard. Go to and read the reviews on the 9semk3 or the monitor 9's. I wouldnt worry too much about space, your room seems plenty big eno... 
Compare EDGE NL10, Pass Labs X350, ML 336
Uh Mike, Im just curious what Pass amps "you have heard". I own a x-350 and it is the most detailed amp ive ever had in my system. Your comment that the pass has nowhere near the detail of the edge amps kind of stumped me. Tell me, is the Edge tha... 
Tube preamp with cinema bypass??
All of the sonic frontiers line stage preamps have a ss processor loop. 
Does It Make Sense to Purchase Dunlavy Speakers
Just for the record, I blew the tweeters in my sciva's and had to replace them with off the shelf tweeters. My dunlavys sound just as good as they ever did.