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Need help to find Solid State Amp for Dunlavy SCIV
Im not sure you're going to solve the bass problem just by throwing more power at the speakers. Placement and your room can have quite an effect on these speakers. I improved the bass on my 4a's by placing them against the long wall and putting a ... 
Krell versus Pass
Ive never heard the cx series amps but I did replace my fpb 200 with an x-350 and the improvement was quite dramatic. 
Dunlavy SC-IVa Set up help
With limited space, a couple of feet can make all the difference in the world with these speakers. Against my 13 ft wall, to get the 4a's seperated enough, they were almost touching the sidewalls. Having another another foot or two would have help... 
Dunlavy SC-IVa Set up help
Nice setup. I've moved my 4a's around a lot and never could get them to sound right along the short wall, however, my room is not as deep as yours.(13X18) The guy i bought them from had them on the short wall with the sidewalls treated and they so... 
Tally up best preamplifier ever
Silly, Dont you know that the best preamp preamp. On a serious note, How many preamps have been made? Do you think people responding to this thread have tried every one or do they vote for the 3 or 4 that they've actually own... 
Revel Salons - Do they really sound like this?
Thanks for the responses. I see, as usual, opinions run from one extreme to the other. I definitely think the room there was way over treated. I think even John Dunlavy said that you can treat a room so much that it becomes acoustically dead and t... 
Parasound - Pass Labs - VTL - Krell Amp Selection
Rooze, I've never heard the Parasound JC1's, but I can tell you that I replaced the same amp you currently have with an X-350 and the sound improved dramatically. The grain on the top was gone, inner details came out that I couldn't hear before, a... 
Sonic Frontiers- Quality and Reliability?
Ive had my line 3 for 3 years and have never had an issue with it. I have it connected to a Pass x-350. 
Review: Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD Player
Has anyone stepped up to the opus from the cd-55. I did a head to head comparison with the cd-55 and my emc1 mk2. Although the cd-55 was very detailed, it was a little harsh on the top end. The emc-1 eleminated this. I can listen with absolutely n... 
Amp recommendation for Dunlavy SC V
I'll second the pass labs. I use an x-350 with my 4a's. It made all the difference im my system. 
Pass x-350 and Dunlavy SC-IVa - what speaker cable
I use AZ Hologram 2's with my x-350 and 4a's and I love them. The previous post was right about the dunlavys being on the bright side but they can be tamed. Definitely stay away from anything silver. I also used a pair of stealth premier cables wh... 
Dunlavy 4A, High Frequency Improvment??
What components are you currently using? and what kind of improvments are you trying to make? 
Question for Dunlavy ScIII users
Ive owned 4 different amps with my dunlavys. Started with a B&K to an Acurus to a Krell and finally to Pass Labs. What Ive found is that the Dunlavys, while fairly easy to drive, are also ruthlessly revealing, especially in the higher frequenc... 
sctatched records
I got a few old records from a friend and one of them had several deep scratches and I was afraid to even try and play it. 
Sorry, yet another
BTW , Preamp used is a sf line 3 with amperex 7308's in the output.