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new CJ sound compared to old CJ sound
I owned a CJ Premier 17LS for a couple of years beforereplacing it with the CT-5. The 17LS had more of theclassic CJ sound. It was warm and forgiving. A bitrolled off on the top and bottom but the midrangewas excellent. Although I liked the warm s... 
Where to find quality "stock" power cords
I'll throw my support for the Volex. They performedbetter in some areas than my $160 cords. Made abeliever out of me.Cheers 
Demoing speakers in LA area?
I'll also add Sound Factor. Their main store is locatedin Encino. They also have another store in Pasadena. Also check out LA/Audio Video near Western and Beverly.They have the biggest selection of audio gear that I know of.Good luck 
sound of new CJ vs AR tube preamps?
I can't comment on the Audio Research stuff but the 17LSdoes have a warmer sound. Its a bit rolled off on the topand bottom but does have nice midrange. I would say the17LS strives to more musical than accurate. Cmach 
Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand
I owned the Bachs for a year or so. These were the olderseries and not the new Grand Series. I agree withthe previous posts, the Bachs are warm sounding speakers.I also found them to be very particular when it cameto postitioning. It took a while ... 
Conrad Johnson Lp 140 monoblocs review.
Hi Brainwater,Thanks for the early impressions of the LP 140's. Justcurious to know how they compared to the 350? I knowits a bit early but curious if you had any first impressions?The LP 140's are way out of reach for me but if I hadthe cash ....... 
Powercords for CJ CT-5
I was going to recommend different IC's but it lookslike you have gone down that road already. For whatits worth I did hear a pair of PA Venustas in mysystem for a short listening session. They definetlyadded some warmth and midrange bloom. Quite ... 
Powercords for CJ CT-5
Downunder, How many hours do you have on your CT-5? In my experiencethe first 100 hours or the CJ can sound a bit tightand constricted. According to Lew Johnson it takes atleast 200 hours before things start sounding right. Atthe 500 hour mark its... 
Powercords for CJ CT-5
Thanks for all your posts. I do plan on trying some powercords soon. I have a pair of Revelation AudioPrecepts on order. I'll let everyone know howthings turn out. Jtimothya,I love my CT-5. My previous pre-amp was the Premier 17LSwhich I enjoyed. ... 
Preamp impedance mismatch with McCormack DNA2
I have used a CJ Premier 17LS and am now using the CJ CT-5.Both worked without a problem. Cmach 
Speaker cables which bring out more bass?
I'll throw my hat in here as well. I'm using a pair of Revelation Audio Testament speaker cables and definetlynoticed an improvement in bass. Not just more of it butbetter defintion as well. Very quiet as well.Cmach 
Is it worth changing from B&W N805 to the 805S?
Elizabeth,Have you heard anything as to when the 805D's mightbe released?Cmach 
CJ vs. BAT vs. THOR preamps, who's best?
I've used a CJ 17LS on my BAT VK500 without a problem.This would be a nice combo if you like a more relaxedand slightly laid back sound. If your considering aCJ preamp I would recommend a listen to the CJ CT-5.I just replaced my 17LS with the CT-5... 
Tube preamp with DNA-500
I agree with Chuck on this one. My current pre-amp isa CJ CT5 and the two match very well together.My previous pre-amp was the CJ Premier 17LS and it dida repespectable job too. I find the new CJ pre-ampsto be better fit sonically for the 500 than... 
Velodyne DD's flying out of owners' houses
Well I have owned a DD-10 for a couple of years andhave had no problems with it all. I let a friend ofmine borrow my sub for a few weeks. He was so impressedwith it that he went out and purchased a DD-10 for himself.About 2 weeks later he had a pr...