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Inexpensive speaker cables
At the price range I would also try Clear Day Cables. Paul is a greatguy to deal with and most likely let you demo his cables before you buy.His cable offers a lot of band for the buck. 
Esoteric X-01 vs K-05...
Jafant,The Modwright 999ES is a good player IMO,especially at the prices you can pick one up today. It more on the musical side of the spectrum but you can adjust the sound a bit by swapping out tubes and or power cords. Dan is still supporting th... 
Proac Studio 100 - will 35 wpc be enough?
Chris, I power my Proac D-30R's with a pair of Manley Snappers running in triode mode. They make about 30W or so. They easily power the D-30R without any struggle whatsoever. The Studio 100's have a similar impedance so I think you should be good ... 
Need feedback on loudspeakers
Milpai,Not sure where your located, but Audio Revelation is located in Carlsbad CA and they carry the Proac and Tannoy line. Jay is a good guy will give you his honest opinion on both lines. I purchased my D-30R's from him and have been very pleas... 
Speaker thoughts - ProAc D40R or Wilson Benesch
Garebear,The Sound Organization located in Dallas, Texas is now the distributor for Proac. When  I ordered my D-30R's they were shipped from there. I purchased mine from Jay at Audio Revelation(CA) and I can highly recommend him. By the way I did ... 
ProAc sound with SS vs tubes
Hi Badri,I auditioned the D-20R’s with my Manley Snappers. We ran themin Ultra Linear (100W) and Triode (~30W). I actually preferred them in Triode mode. The sound was more open and balanced in my opinion.I ultimately ended up with the D-30R becau... 
Proac D-30R
Milpai,Not sure if they reach down to 20Hz. They certainly are impressivefor their size. For me its always been quality over quantity when itcomes to bass. I prefer a cleaner more precise bass and I amnot a fan of bass heavy speakers. I have found... 
Proac D-30R
Just thought I'd post a quick follow up on my Proac D-30's. I havehad them for a little over a month and overall I'm very pleased. Therestill breaking in. They sound a bit tight out of the box but over timethere starting to loosen up and the sound... 
Proac D-30R
Amaglioc,Congratulations on the D-30R's. I have a pair on order and they should be ready for pickup next week. Looks likeyour putting together a pretty impressive system with theAudio Research gear. I'll try and post my impressionswhen I get them. 
Proac D-30R
Amaglioc,When I auditioned the D-20R and D-48R I brought my ManleySnappers along. I thought they had excellent synergy together and was a big part of the decision to go withthe Proac's. 
Proac D-30R
Amaglioc,Thanks so much for your feedback. After careful consideration I'm pretty much decided on the D-30Ras well. Its no longer if but when I get them. Good luckwith your purchase and keep us updated when you get them. 
Tube amp to drive Dali ms5
I have a friend who runs his Dali Helicon 400MK2 with anAudio Research VS 115. This combo is very nice and I wouldhave no trouble recommending it. The 400MK2 and MS5 seem tohave similar specs so it could be an option worth exploring.Good luck 
What are some good tube amps that rock? KT88's?
I'm currently using a pair of Manley Snappers to run mySignature 805's. While they don't have absolute controlof my previous amp(Moscode 401) they do sound more holographicand musical.Good luck 
Vandersteen Model 7: has anyone heard?
I heard them at RMAF and thought they sounded pretty goodoverall. I have to say the track that was playing was godawful and made me want to head for the exit though. 
Conrad Johnson 17LS Power Cord Recommendations
I've tried a various cords on both my 17LS and nowmy CT-5. My two favorite cords were the BMI HammerheadMK3 and a Tek-Line Reference. The MK3 cord is harder tofind these day's and its more pricey than the Tek-Line cordas well. I believe Tek Line w...