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CJ Preamp LS17/LS 16 Owners Why Did You Sell Yours
I just recently got my 17LS. I love it. I can't imaginenot having it in my system. I do plan on upgrading mineto a 17 LS2 at some point but for now I'm too busyenjoying it. cmach 
Picture of new Von Schweikert VR4-JR
They are also introducing their new "Statement" speakerthe VR-11. Priced at somewhere between $100-165K, over 7 feet tall and weighing in at mere 900lbs they might be a tough fit for my 15x12 room. You know one of these days, I'm goingto have to t... 
Conrad Johnson Premier 350 solid state amp
Thanks for the news Overhang. I just checked theirwebsite and there is no news or pics of it. Did they mention anything about when they will be updatingthere website? cmach 
looking for a warm ss amp....
I think a Conrad Johnson might be a good choice. I owneda Sonographe SA 400 for a couple of years and enjoyed ita lot. Very tube like sound. Warm and very musical.TheMF series is supposed to be even better but they do costa bit more. My guess is t... 
BAT VK500 upgrade struggles
First off let me thank everyone for there help andsuggestions. I really appreciate the advice. The sameday I posted my question I came home and turned on mysystem for my usual evening listening. WOW! Somethingmust have broke in since it sounds a l... 
Vienna Signature Series?
If my memory serves me correct, the Signature series was/is avialable only in Europe. This was some time ago though. Not sure if you can buy a new signatureseries now. A few might have landed in the US but that would be through grey market only.Al... 
Just got a BAT VK1000 ?
Hi Ejlif,Correct me if I'm wrong but the VK1000 is a 350W amp. The VK500 is 250W. When the conversion is made will theVK1000's power output be reduced to 250W? Just wonderingThankscmach 
Is a CJPV10A and a Sonographe SA250 a good match?
I'm running a CJ Sonographe SA 400 with a PV 10A.My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Bachs. A Njoe Tjoeb4000 rounds things out. Overall I have been very pleased with the combo. The 400 has plenty ofpower without sounding harsh or thin. If you canfind... 
Review: Vienna Acoustics Mahler Speaker
Great review.I'm a fan of Vienna Acoustics myself. Iown the Bachs and love them. I will write a review soon as well. 
VA Bach / Sand chamber
I agree with Crega. Dont use lead shot. Dry sand willwork just as well. Filling the sand chamber will makea huge difference by the way. cmach