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Mordaunt Short Performance Series
I am using Performance 6's and just as all the reviews say, they are very transparent and mid range is superb. Rock music sounds very good and should work well with your equipment. Bass depth is good enough for me although not down to earth sudder... 
Any good power cords with musical fidelity KW500?
As a Musical Fidelity kW500 owner. I am using the Isotek power cord from the UK. Check out their website.Cheers, 
Musical Fidelity Kw500 & Bryston A/V: Set up HELP
Thanks a lot for everyones input. I will give it a try.Cheers, 
Cary 306 SACD
Thanks for your answer.Mine is about luke warm as well. It just cannot read discs when I switch various disc formats sometimes and locks up with Cary SACD 306 on the display. Also takes about 10-15 secs to recognise when it does pick up the format... 
Cary 306 SACD
My first discussion thread on the site!I have had the 306 SACD for a couple of weeks now and warming up nicely. However, when I switch between redbook, HDCD and SACD during the same listening sessions, the machine just locks up (particularly on SA...