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Poor value vs snake oil...
This is a dud thread.It is just a regurgitation of the measurements vs. ears story.So one man's snake oil is another man's value purchase.There can be no universally true definition.END OF THREAD please. 
This looks like a terrible investment
No way a bulk sale will fetch $15 per disc.More like $5, as suggested above.Sold on a table at sales, many titles will take years to shift.Perhaps just stay home and listen? 
Crutchfield's Speaker Compare
The only way this could be useful is if the Crutchfield sound reproduction is a perfect representation of the speaker itself.This is about as likely as Vladimir Putin giving up power in Russia.And if it were so, why buy the speakers, save the mone... 
An EXPERIMENT for those who have never heard differences in cables
Yes indeedy robjerman.  The only way you'll get a difference is to use speaker wire that cannot handle the load.Another useful experiment with thin wire is to enter it into your left ear and push gently until it exits your right ear.  Pull through... 
100v,115v versus 230v
a few observationsmillercarbon  'the US is really 240v but you get 110v in your wall.??eerrrrgh.  In UK the local substations get 7kV but it doesn't mean that is in your wall.But yes, good contact with 220v is quite a jolt.  I know from when it wa... 
I think some cables are just a little too expensive.
My conscience won’t allow me subscribe to unfettered capitalism that enables one person have 1000 million dollars.Oh noromance, you mean unfettered capitalism like in China and Russia? 
REL subwoofer 60 day Price Protection
Sad truth - companies are mostly dishonest these days....I guess they have to compete with the Chinese.It wasn't like that when I was in my garden chair. 
Path of signal from turn table to speaker
Guess you chose handle fuzztone because your system sounds fuzzy?Yes silk purses can be make out of sow's ears but they still smell of pig/hog.Class A is the gold standard.  It is now largely not offered because of the perceived need to pacify cli... 
Where has been your most effective placement for an aftermarket fuse?
Thanks rodman.My math is well up to snuff.No point in messing around with cheap uber-fuses.  The best cost $500 a pop, so six would be $3,000.No doubt it is possible to engineer a fuse that would retail at $1,000 but only millercarbon would buy th... 
marble or granite slab under floorstanders?
The idea works.  How well is just a question of mass.  More mass, more damping, less ringing, less cabinet/frame movement.Build listening room in basement.  Dig out, fill in whole floor with new reinforced concrete screed.  Raise speakers each on ... 
Where has been your most effective placement for an aftermarket fuse?
Has anyone using 6 of these wonder fuses in series?Surely the improvement will be 6x as big?At a cost of only $3,000 it's a snip. 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Without question the costliest mistake would be to take miilercarbon seriously. 
Guidance on Speaker Wire
Absolutely correct kennyc.  If space/arrangements allow, move just the power amps nearer the speakers and keep the long runs at line level where issues are easier?  Yes, balanced, as professionals use for long runs.If this is impossible, what abou... 
Why the truth is not in them ??
Noromance:  There is no such thing as a 'Democratic Socialist' nation.  Because the Socialist government can always be removed in an election.  What changes the people when the Socialists are in power?  Or are you thinking about the many nations t... 
Cartridge Opinions - Sorry
Yes.  We disagree.But I am starting a new trend here.  I am not going to say you have low level knowledge because of that.