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Audioquest Storm Series power cables
@1971gto455ho  You say you've done AB testing. If you've done it properly, single or double blind, then @ghdprentice is being unfair to you.  I suspect a tiny percentage of AG members have done that. And yet it's the only way of verifying that ... 
Mad Scientist Graphene Contact Enhancer
@mrskeptic  Very good point about not worrying about the last 6 feet of passive power cord when the juice has already come through your house system, the house fuse, the supply line from the 8kv (in UK) substation, and the long lines from the pow... 
Advice from Audiogon family - best speaker $3k-$4k
He's going to be pushing the $3-4k budget with any Sonus Faber floor-stander even used. And a lot of the other high quality floor-standers mentioned above.  
Beware poor sounding media
Quality of media is a far bigger and more important variable than system components although most audiophiles obsess over components and even passive lengths of wire.  Make sure you don't buy the sow's ears.  
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
Martin Logan CLX Anniversaries    152lb    70.32 inches without their spikes. But my Krell KRS200s weigh 181lb per side.  
Sharing my experience with cables
@jasonbourne52  I'm with you part of the way. I certainly hear differences in cables when they are in the signal path but none in power cables and certainly none in fuses - well, I've only tried putting the fuse in the other way but many people ... 
Audioquest Storm Series power cables
@ghdprentice  @ursm  I don't doubt cables in the signal path can and to make differences to what we hear. I draw the line at 6 feet of passive mains cable at the end of the 10 miles or whatever of cable joining your system to the power station.... 
Yep much to do about nothing. Fear brains.
Back to tubes for a second. We shouldn't be buying Russian tubes at any price after the revenues have been used to kill Ukrainian civilians in war crimes. Ever. I hope we can all agree.  
Cartridge Force - Is a Little 'Over-Force' Okay?
Thanks @mijostyn  We don't have all that here in Blighty, not even before the COVID and Ukraine. But I have recently had the the same old lead 1g weights put on a sportscar. Yeah 1/4 oz will be more than enough - 7g.  So there's some cutting to... 
Cartridge Force - Is a Little 'Over-Force' Okay?
@mijostyn   I think that may be a bit gross for this application; I recall they cut them in 1g and 2g pieces.  But they can be cut down easily with a hacksaw or even a blunt knife as they are made of lead..  
Cartridge Force - Is a Little 'Over-Force' Okay?
+1 @larryi   my idea too.  Can find suitable small piece of metal and stick with Blutack.  
Cable curmudgeon
Let me see if I can throw some light on where @exflute was coming from.  To him all music is not the same.  For him pure unamplified live acoustic music is different from other forms.  He's a classical musician.  I think he's got a good point and ... 
Cable curmudgeon
@rodman99999  Do you think the more rational approach of the professional industry to cable could be something to do with the fact their professional experience and ears tell they they would be shafted? At the level of some misguided audiophiles... 
Cable curmudgeon
@cleeds  You are incorrect.  My post was not derogatory to Soix.  Unfortunately I don't keep copies of what I put up here. It could and perhaps should have been unsulting to Soix.  Here is what he said about exviolin: @So, what the hell are you... 
Cable curmudgeon
@soix  Thank you so much for your observation.  Your only intention seemed to be to put down @exflute  for having ears that can perform well in a top orchestra but you allege does not perceive differences in the sound of cables that you allege (w...