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Teac NT 505 and Cary Integrated Si200.2D
@maxwave Thanks, I can look into that device.@fuzztone That’s what I was thinking. So probably need another choice of Streaming device with a different DAC chipset 
Peachtree Nova 300
Followed this thread to this point. Anyone use the PT 300 or 500 with Sonus Faber speakers, specifically the Olympica IIIs?I’ve got these speakers currently in a 7.2 system (Marantz 7705 with Marantz M8077 amp), but want to dedicate to a proper 2 ... 
Need feedback on loudspeakers
FWIW, I demo'd the Sonus Faber Olympica III and PSB Imagine T3 side by side and from what I heard, there is no comparison. Not that more money necessarily means a better product, but the O3 tweeter and in-house developed cross-overs, technology, c...