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Essential Zappa: what's missing from my collectio
london symphany is my fav 
Soundcraftsman amps anyone????
can these be bought at canadian tire? 
Best isolation under a big receiver ?
im using a pioneer 1250 and getting good results with a large bamboo butcher block....get those speaker cables off the ground too 
Your Thoughts on a CD Player
sony playstation1001 
New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice
i kinda got out of the audio scene for a while and sold the tables.the condo where i used to live is still vibrating from the bass output of the maplenoll table.thunder.LOL 
New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice
original owners manual....i have an original owners manual if your my old system i had 2 maplenoll signature tt,s with the 100 pound platters.