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Need Advice On A Network Music Player
Bobaudet,I can assure you your latest $900 entry level DAC will never sound like/better than a Klimax DS, which is already a few years old. There isn't a DAC introduced since the introduction of Klimax DS that has surpassed it. Klimax DS is update... 
Need Advice On A Network Music Player
I would add Linn sneaky DS. May be more musical compared to the ones already listed. Sneaky DS is also an integrated amp, a great starter system, which you can later move to a second system. 
The Emperor DAC has no Clothes
I am going to break down my own experience over the years into DAC quality vs $ and note my observed threshhold for each level of sound quality (highly subjective and based on my own system or system I am familiar with)$2000 < $10,000 - no obvi... 
Bricasti M1 - where is the music
Ronnjay,I am not so certain that more filters is a good thing. There is exactly one filter for Klimax and it makes beautiful music no matter what type of music played (even the less-well recorded ones).Sirotseta,It's great to hear BADA2 is matchin... 
Bricasti M1 - where is the music
It appears that filter 4 that I used may not be the most optimal. I may go for another listen when I get some time. So are the filters numbers on every DAC different? Or just the ones sent in for review? Why the discrepancy? 
Bricasti M1 - where is the music
M1 was set on filter 4. 
Nothing, really. You could build Klimax DS functionalities (don't have Akurate DS)using a server + Transporter + dCS or any of the other $15k DACs out there. The downside is that there will be more jitter in the system than using your Linn DS alon... 
How good of a DAC is the Logitech Transporter
The low-jitter attribute of wireless also applies to regular wired connection. Many actually prefer wired over wireless because of the reduction in emi/emf from turning off the radio antenna/receiver in TP. 
Benchmark DAC1 vs CAL Sigma
I had both DAC1 and Alpha in my system for quite some time. Alpha was better than DAC1 in all areas I cared about (bass, midrange, air, musicality, and PRATT). I ran both DAC1 and Alpha from SD Transporter. Alpha was more affected by the transport... 
Transporter vs Ayre CX-7e
PapajoeI have no idea. I did not hear the 2 side by side. 
Transporter vs Ayre CX-7e
Cerrot, thank you for the update. I have a hard time going back to CD now that I am listening to 24bit files (you should really try running the transporter with 24bit files)Wireless, I generally buy from Linn, although I have been buying from High... 
Transporter vs Ayre CX-7e
Cerrot is confused on couple thingsAyre CDP are C-5xe (SACD) and C-7xe (CD)Ayre integrated amp is Ax-7eMore likely than not Cerrot is comparing the SACD layer to the CD layer between the 2 players; and more likely than not Cerrot have not actually... 
Transporter vs Ayre CX-7e
I thought the 2 were closer than I initially thought when I compared them using with Ax-7eI wouldn't say Ayre is 'clearly' better. Maybe Cerrot can elaborate more on his/her comparison? 
New CD player for an Ayre cx-7e
Ayre CDP is a great choice.Having said that, I am using the Transporter with Ax7e with great result.Going from SE to Balanced is not WAY better, it's noticeably better, appreciably better, but not substantially better. 
Subwoofer for Harbeth M30?
I have my M30 in a 20x20 room and I don't think they need bass augmentation at all. I can actually feel my carpet shaking with some Mahler. By no means does M30 extends flat down to 30hz, but the response at 30hz was respectable. I am running thes...