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i want to send my Oppo 105 to Mod Wright for an upgrade.
I have a Modwright 205 and I couldn't be happier with it. Dan and his Team do a fantastic job with our Oppos and with customer support. GLHF!  
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
@rooze I have a REL S5 and the sense of space that it creates with my PSB T3's in my listening area is amazing. Both on music and home theater. The REL mission statement is all about doing exactly what you want. The S5 was just replaced in the REL... 
My first power conditioner...
IMO power conditioning should be the foundation and starting point of our system upgrades. GLHF!  
Is the Modwright for an Oppo udp205 worth it?
Andy is a good guy and stands by what he sells. 👍Your rubes are going to take a around 200 hours to settle in and start sounding their best. Enjoy!  
Is the Modwright for an Oppo udp205 worth it?
@deanshiasVery glad to hear your thoughts on the Modwright Oppo. Bravo!!! Don’t worry about missing out on the Phillips rectifier. Though I have never heard it if you read 5u4g shootouts it is not even top 10.If I were looking for a new (not NOS) ... 
Upgrade Speaker Cables or Interconnects
@perkri1. P O W E R C O N D I T I ON E R 2. PC’s3. IC’s4. Speaker cables+1 chaZZZy 
Upgrade Speaker Cables or Interconnects
I would start at power conditioning first before anything else.Once your power conditioning is in place move to power cords.Power is the foundation for everything we build on.IMO good clean power is like a component upgrade.It's that important.Goo... 
6h23P-EB vs 6922 in the input stage of the Wolcott or other tube amplifiers
I have a Modwright balanced output analog upgrade to my Oppo 205. I rolled rolled Telefunken 6DJ8’s into it and it was a big upgrade from the Electro Harmonix it came with. Very warm and inviting luscious sound. I then rolled NOS 75 6n23P Silver S... 
Underwood core power gold cable
History repeating itself here.  
Is the Modwright for an Oppo udp205 worth it?
Hey Dean,I rolled an early NOS 1950’s brown based GEC U52 in for the rectifier and NOS 1975 Reflektor Silver Shields for the output tubes. The U52 is considered one of the 2 best 5u4g rectifiers ever made and the Reflektors are considered the top ... 
Is the Modwright for an Oppo udp205 worth it?
@deanshiasI've owned my 205 for over a year and I cannot tell you how happy I am with my decision. Once you roll the rectifier and output tubes (IMO the stock tubes are syrupy warm and slow) you take your 205 from being a solid but not overly impr... 
$30K DAC in a $70K system - wise or ridiculous?
With the Lampizator volume option you eliminate the need for your BHK pre-amp so I think it's a great upward move. Good luck!  
Have a pair of REL S3 HO and they don't produce enough bass
Play with the HI/LO level adjustment...1 click at a time. I can quickly fill my room with more bass than my neighbors can stand with 1 S5 SHO. It does take some time and tweaking to get it dialed in but the results are worth it. 
Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun vs. Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval
RIP Paul. 😟From one Clear Day owner to another, good luck and please post your findings when you make the purchase. 👍 
Moving up from an Oppo 205
I’d go the upgrade route with Modwright. Once I rolled in NOS rectifier and out put tubes my 205 went from a pretty good but somewhat lean'ish sounding DAC to an incredible sounding world class DAC/Preamp. You’ll spend between 2000-3000 or so for ...