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Help me decide which E88CC tubes i should buy
jtcf891 posts02-28-2020 7:19pmReflektors are warm with great bass.That's what I hear anyway:-) Report Reflektors are not warm sounding tubes. Musical, yes. Warm? Not in the sense of a Tele or any of the other warm sounding tubes. 75 silver shields... 
Help me decide which E88CC tubes i should buy
I have 75 Reflektor silver shields in the output section of my Modwright Oppo 205. I had just rolled out 65 Telefunken 6dJ8 white tips when trying the Reflektors. The Reflektors are much more extended top to bottom, with an almost solid state quic... 
REL Subwoofer. Your input requested
One of the improvements they made with the upgraded S series is an improved filter specifically designed to improve home theater performance. 
REL Subwoofer. Your input requested
One other option you might want to consider is 2 x S812 SHO.The 812 is the new upgraded S series that replaces the S5 SHO. It is stack-able with upgraded filters, and improved amplifier and diaphragm among other things.If I were to upgrade my S5, ... 
which is more musical? A REL or a SUMIKO subwoofer for two channel only?
Congrats on the G2's! 
Help- audiophile husband just dies
AdminAudiogon Official02-11-2020 4:35pm@julierae100  Sorry for your loss. If we can help in anyway, send me an email to, attention: Tammy Hello @julirae100Condolences for your unexpected loss.My best advice is to NOT sell ... 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
@drolegYou don't have to spend anymore than the CPT to beat it. Ozzy's bought the AQ 1000 and thought it outperformed his CPT. Ask him.After messaging Ozzy, I bought a Puritan balanced power conditioner and it is incredible. Much much better dynam... 
REL Subwoofer. Your input requested
I have the REL S5 SHO and it it superb on both HT and 2 channel in my medium size room. The RELs have a delicacy and speed that is unmatched by most accounts. They meld seamlessly with main speakers and work together with them recreate an enhanced... 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
@aniwolfeThere’s much better power conditioning products out there. @ozzy just mentioned one. Shunuata and IsoTek are 2 others. 
Does anyone know where I can get a Plinius Odean amplifier?
@jwincvilleThe BAT VK-6200 which I purchased instead of the Odeon. Not quite as difficult to find as the Odeon and a superb performer on both home theater and 2 channel music. If you read reviews from the pre 2008 recession (which crushed the grow... 
Does anyone know where I can get a Plinius Odean amplifier?
The Odeon is extremely hard to find. They rarely come up for sale. Also the US has very very few actual Plinius dealers. Contact Vince Galbo. He's no longer with Plinius but has maintained lots of Odeons over the years and is a good source to purc... 
NAD M27 or Parasound A31, which will sound better?
Edit:I've owned the NAD, and though I think the NAD is a good buy at that price point, with the speakers you have you could use more current delivery than the NAD provides at 4 ohms and below.  
Is the Modwright for an Oppo udp205 worth it?
@deanshiasI’d say most are around 200 hours. You’ll see changes throughout that initial period. Most of the changes later are usually subtle detail related changes. 
Question for those who use REL subs with Wilson speakers
I have a REL S5 in my system and love it. IMO With where you're at I would upgrade the Sasha before investing in more REL's. GLHF! 🍻🍻🍻 
Recommendations for a good power conditioner? Do I even need one?
Good power conditioning and power cords are the foundation of a good system and will make your system sound as if you've upgraded components. GLHF!