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5-10k budget... so many choices
Based on the 2 main preferences you listed, the Kanta and B&W, at 10K I would be looking for pre-owned Sopra 2's.  Good luck.  👍 
What's Next
Beautiful system. Good fortune in your ongoing quest! 👍 
How do SVS subwoofers compare to REL?
@dlcockrum 's advice is spot on. I have a REL S5 and love it. Very powerful, as well as quick. Great for movies and 2 channel music.Good luck! 👍 
Who makes budget speaker cables which are truly “good” or “exceptional” in quality?
Clear Day double shotgun. You absolute cannot go wrong for the price. I have LRC as well as 5x XLR. The sound is transparent, very detailed and neutral. I am actually having 1 more set of speaker cables being made right now and couldn’t be a happi... 
DVD by Oppo 205
Yes in most cases. 
Shortening REL Subwoofer Cables
You should be able to order the Bassline Blue in a shorter length. I bought mine in a 3 meter through my dealer but it had to be ordered out from REL. Why pay for 10 meter if you only need 3? 
REL Vs SVS for 2 channel music listening
Calloway how do you you have your RELs connected through Neutrik? Which REL is connected to what speakers and where do you have them placed?  
REL Vs SVS for 2 channel music listening
Calloway... I have an S5 as well, and chose it over the 212 SE. 1. Recently I've been wondering how much I am missing with the S5 vs the 212 SE. 2. I'm thinking one of the upgrades this year is dual subs, similar to yours. Thank you in advance for... 
Goldenear Reference Vs. Focal Sopra #2.....pocket the $5k difference and don't look back?
Focal Sopra 2’s and a nice sub to get down to to where the 2's can't reach is the way I’d go. 
Help! Subwoofer Newbie Problems!
I have a REL S5 and had a similar problem with my PSB T3'3s. It was my T3's tuning though and not the REL. My T3's have 3 ports in the rear and with all 3 ports open the Bass was deeper but looser,  and I lose a gorgeous mid-range. With bottom 2 p... 
REL Vs SVS for 2 channel music listening
In very broad terms the larger the driver,  the deeper it will go and the louder it will play without distorting. Conversely in very broad terms, the smaller the driver the more dextrous it will tend to be but will not go as deep. If you take a lo... 
REL Vs SVS for 2 channel music listening
I have a REL S5 and couldn’t be happier with it. When I purchased my REL a few months back I asked similar questions as you and considered the SVS as well. In the end I learned that one of a sub’s most important responsibilities in sound reproduct...