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why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
 The following statement is true.The previous statement is false 
why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable
Get the best sounding stereo you can afford. It's perhaps one of the saner things you can do with your money. Get the best (read most comfortable, sleep inducing) bed you can afford. Give as much as you can to those organizations that promote the ... 
Can't we all just get along?
just ignore, don't respond, to the snarky and ignorant remarks and they will look elsewhere for attention. 
where best to spend $2-3000 upgrade dollars in my system
If you haven't already: 1)Furutech NCF wall outlet.Regardless of the level of your system, lowering the floor noise by using this- considered one of the best- outlets will improve the sound2) Upgrade the fuses in your components. Any after market ... 
Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long
Like evolution being a fact, some equipment,cables, fuses, etc need time to break in. Based on 15 years of listening, Its obvious to my ear that this is true. And, are you sitting down, my stereo sounds better after the circuitry has warmed up for... 
Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long
Most people don't listen to music actively. a quote I remember from an old Stereophile mag, "Most people like the idea of music." Have others experienced this: in the general admission seating at outdoor concerts, most people are talking throughou... 
What is the most important component in your system.
That said, everything makes a difference and of course some components and cords and tweaks more that others and only thru trial and error can you know what's doing what to the sound. And finally, what components, ICs , power cords, power conditio... 
What is the most important component in your system.
Definitely my First sound upgraded-to-the-hilt(Deuland caps, Vishay resistors) pre amp. Less is usually more in the signal path as, no doubt, everything adds color and /or a characteristic to the sound and is usually a negative but in this instanc... 
Let's talk power cords
to Willemj, correct me if i'm wrong but have been you going on about after market power cords without having tried ANY in your system ("Do you think I am that mad?")? Are you saying you have no experience with after market cords?  I'm going with t... 
headphones-amp combination
woo WA-6SE grado gs-1000 
I think I've Just Seen Absolute Proof That Audiophiles Are Insanely Gullible
The solution to this question is the easiest part of putting together a musical system. Keep an open mind and try devices, tweaks, etc. with money back guarantees and YOU decide what is worth the money and what is not with only shipping costs at r... 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
Best Component Ever, for the money
First Sound pre amp. Get the best upgrade you can afford. Simply spectacular 
Which components are "stupid good"?
First Sound pre amps are the most musical I've tried. Upgrade the pot resistors to Vishays, upgrade the capacitors and power supply when finances allow and you get pure magic. 
What are the best interconnects.
High Fidelity. Even their entry level CT-1 ICs were better by far than anything I had tried over 20 years, really in a league by themselves. Excuse the cliche but these are game changers, a big step forward in music reproduction. Read the reviews....